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Make Beverage Service More Efficient With Bottle Openers

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    High-Quality Bottle Openers For Better Drink Service

    Make sure you are always ready to serve up some refreshing drinks to your guests.  Have a bottle opener ready to quickly crack open a cold bottled beer or soda. Typically, if you have a bar refrigerator, there is a built-in bottle opener and bottle cap catcher that saves you the hassle. The benefit of having a separate bottle opener is that you can use it anywhere in your establishment, so you can be prepared to open that deliciously chilled bottle of beer wherever, whenever.

    Bottle openers can be made of plastic or stainless steel and can be handheld or wall-mounted. Plastic bottle openers come in a range of colors and designs to choose from. Some bottle openers are designed with dual purpose by using the other end as a can punch or tapper. Wall-mounted bottle openers can be secured on a wall near your display case or refrigerator for you or your guests to conveniently use.

    Our bottle openers are heavy-duty so you can open soda and beer bottles one after another without hassle. Stainless steel bottle openers are highly durable and can last for many years even with daily use. We also a wide range of bar supplies including wine bottle openers, liquor pourers, bar mats, strainers, and many more.

    CKitchen has a large selection of foodservice equipment and supplies from industry-leading brands.  We offer the lowest prices guaranteed and provide free shipping. So whether you are looking for a beer bottle opener, an ice machine, a refrigerator, or cooking equipment, CKitchen has everything you need.

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