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Serve Crowds With Delicious Cups Of Coffee With Commercial Coffee Urns

BUNN 20500.0000 20500.0000  U3 Coffee Urn
BUNN 20500.0000 20500.0000 U3 Coffee Urn
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BUNN 20500.0001 20500.0001  U3 Coffee Urn
BUNN 20500.0001 20500.0001 U3 Coffee Urn
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Commercial Coffee Urns: For Large-Volume Coffee Needs

Commercial coffee urns and percolators can brew coffee in large volumes so you can serve a crowd with fresh cups of joe fast. These units are designed to make high-capacity coffee brewing simpler to keep up with high demand throughout the day, allowing you to make and serve hot cups of coffee at the push of a button.

Commercial coffee urns are essentially commercial coffee makers that brew the coffee and keep it at the ideal temperatures so you always have a warm cup of coffee to pour for every order. They can be set up behind the counter or in self-serve areas where customers can help themselves to a cup, which frees your staffers for other tasks as well.

Most commercial coffee urns have the capacity of three (3) gallons and above, able to brew 30 cups of coffee in just 20 minutes. A spout is placed at the bottom of the coffee urn, which is used to dispense the hot brewed coffee into cups. Some units even have multiple spouts so you can fill several cups at the same time for a speedier service.

Most units have a stainless steel exterior to bear the brunt of daily heavy use and prevent rust and damage to preserve the quality and performance of the unit even after many uses.

There are also large brewing systems that feature multiple urns so you can brew and serve different coffee mixes or flavors at the same time. These powerful coffee-brewing units are able to produce up to 1,000 cups of coffee per hour, making them suitable for high-volume applications such as schools, hotels, conventions, and cafeterias.

CKitchen has a diverse collection of commercial coffee urns from some of the most recognized brands in the industry including Hamilton Beach, Curtis, Grandmaster-Cecilware, and Waring. These units are loaded with amazing features that make your operation more efficient and productive.

If you are looking for other beverage dispensers, CKitchen has a great selection that you can check out.

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