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Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial Coffee Machines: Quality In Every Cup

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Espresso 101

Espresso 101

Macchiato, latte, cappuccino: many espresso terms used today have far strayed from their origins. Regardless, if your restaurant serves coffee and espresso, then understanding basic terms as well as their modern meanings holds value.

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee: A Guide to Various Styles of Coffee Makers

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee: A Guide to Various Styles of Coffee Makers

The best part of any morning is that first taste of freshly brewed coffee. There is no doubt that a good cup of Joe goes a long way, as it can mean the start of a new day, a well-deserved break, or the conclusion of a great meal. While coffee is a must-have in many people’s lives, there are several different types of coffee makers to choose from. Here is a guide to help you to decide which coffee maker is best suited for your needs. 

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BUNN FETCO Browne USA Curtis Waring Bloomfield Grindmaster-Cecilware Hamilton Beach Alegacy Foodservice Products AllPoints Astra Manufacturing FMP Libertyware Santos Summit Commercial Thunder Group Admiral Craft AMPTO

Commercial Coffee Machines: Quality In Every Cup

A delicious cup of coffee is enough to turn the day around. So make sure that you are always ready to treat your customers to a fresh cup of joe to get the day started or satisfy their cravings with a reliable commercial coffee machine.

There is a commercial coffee machine for every unique application. There are simple countertop units that double as merchandisers, often offering up single or multiple flavors that can be dispensed directly into cups at the push of a button. There are also large models with multiple large-capacity tanks to support coffee shops and cafeterias.

To select the best unit, operators should determine the size of the coffee production and figure out details down to the size of the cup and the number of people they expect to serve at a given time of day. Apart from the size, pay attention to the electrical connections required. Note that high-volume productions call for greater electric capacities.

Cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers are suitable for convenience stores, concession stands, and other foodservice operations that need to have delicious hot beverages on tap. Single-service coffee makers are designed to make the servings you need to fulfill an order so no precious coffee grounds are wasted.

For high-capacity establishments, satellite brewers with detachable serving decanters are perfect. These units allow you to set up create designated areas or coffee stations in separate areas at your front-house so customers can easily pour a fresh brew and refill their cups by themselves. These commercial coffee machines truly shine when used with multiple carafes because then you won't run out of fresh hot coffee for guests.

Pour-over coffee brewers and automatic coffee machines are ideal for low-volume needs and can be integrated into most setups. They can brew several liters of coffee every hour straight into a decanter or an airpot that will keep the coffee perfectly hot for long hours to preserve the taste and the experience.

Coffee urns are perfect for self-service applications and high-volume demands. These units can be displayed on counters, making gallons of coffee instantly and safely accessible to customers for dispensing. Larger brewing systems with multiple urns and spouts belong in the back-of-the-house, perfect for the crowded coffee shops with large groups of people to serve every single day.

To satiate the ever-evolving caffeine-driven demand, innovative technologies and features have been integrated into commercial coffee machines to simplify operations, deliver consistent results, and minimize labor costs. High-end commercial coffee makers are packed with features that make for energy-efficient operation and reduce bulk coffee-making to mere button-pushing and touchscreen-tapping. Innovations like pulse brew systems have also been developed to give the operators the ability to achieve a unique coffee profile that they can consistently produce. There's really no better time than today to add a coffee station to your foodservice operation.

Whether you need to serve a hundred or a thousand cups of coffee every hour, you will find everything you need in CKitchen's line of commercial coffee machines and brewers. Reliable, durable, and easy to use, these units come from top brands such as Hamilton Beach and Grandmaster-Cecilware.

CKitchen also has a team of friendly food service consultants that you can call or email if you need any assistance during your shopping. We can help you find the perfect piece of equipment that meets your expectations.

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Commercial Coffee Machines Recent Reviews

Walter Beil (Naperville,IL)

This unit works with our brewer really nicely. On its own, it's amazing too. Well built and looks stylish enough to be put on display. Very happy with our purchase!

Ryley F (Lancaster, PA)

A high production coffee maker that meets the needs of our shop. It helps us make large batches of delicious coffee in a short period! Haven't had any issues, it's all good

Aron W (Paradise, NV)

Happy with this coffee brewer. We use it at our coffee shop where it serves us really really well. Has all the features we need for easy and speedy service. High quality and looks long lasting

Joe Smith (Seattle,WA)

This coffee machine was delivered to me safe and sound. I hooked it up immediately and it was making coffee several minutes later. Not difficult to clean too, which is a big plus!

Claire G (Pittsburgh,PA)

Truly great product. Works perfectly over the past few months. It makes coffee fast and also has a hot water dispenser for tea or something else. Very good all around.

Annika Rah (Tucson,AZ)

Amazing coffee brewer. Does its job as it should. Also, it has a hot tap for drinks that need a separate spout. Set up was easy. Very pleased with this purchase.

Sol Bo (El Paso,TX)

Using this coffee brewer at home and the difference between this and a plastic unit is ASTOUNDING! It is of course much expensive but I guarantee it will cost less in the long run because it is actually built to last! No need to buy a new one every few months or year. This one's making my coffee in the many years to come

Dennis Hutchin (Jefferson City)

This is the first coffee brewer I've had in 25+ years. Hopefully, this one will last just as long, if not longer. It looks very well made, the design is great and easy to use. I got a good feeling with this one

Steve Adams (New York,NY)

Top of the products. We use it on a daily basis in our office. We are totally satisfied with its work. The coffee is delicious, and we don't need to wait too long. Looks stylish.

R.M. Bradford (Springfield, Il)

Bunn always means good quality. This unit is quite basic, but the coffee it makes is outstanding. It is super convenient and the automatic water filling is the best feature ever.

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