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Keep Coffee and Other Beverages Piping Hot At All Times With Commercial Coffee Warmers

Grindmaster-Cecilware BW-2 Coffee Warmer
Grindmaster-Cecilware BW-2 Coffee Warmer
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Grindmaster-Cecilware BW-2SU Coffee Warmer
Grindmaster-Cecilware BW-2SU Coffee Warmer
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Commercial Coffee Warmers: Hot Coffee On Demand

For many coffee lovers and connoisseurs, nothing beats a steaming cup of joe, so when it is not served piping hot, it is bound to leave a bad taste in your customer's mouth literally. This won't be a problem with commercial coffee warmers, which are specifically designed to maintain coffee and hot beverages at consistently hot temperatures for longer periods. These units allow you to brew multiple servings beforehand so you can serve large groups during peak hours without missing a beat.

Perfect for setup in the high-traffic areas in your restaurant, cafeteria, buffets, catered events, or any other foodservice establishment, commercial coffee warmers consist of hot plates that transfer heat to the coffee decanters, airpots, and satellites that in turn keep the beverage warm.

There are different types of commercial coffee warmers available here on CKitchen from industry-leading brands such as Bunn, Curtis, and Grandmaster-Cecilware. You can get a single-plate unit or models with two (2) to three (3) heating plates available in step-up and side-by-side style. These units are perfect for use with our top-of-the-line coffee brewers.

Some units have a low-profile design with skid feet to keep them from sliding off the counter or table while others have adjustable legs for larger servers. Most commercial coffee warmers have a stainless steel finish built to stand up to daily use. The plates on these beverage warmers are also very easy to clean, so you can maintain a pleasant and sanitary coffee station for your customers.


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