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Coffee Carafes and Decanters

Coffee Carafes and Decanters Can Store Small Volumes of Coffee For Serving

BUNN 42401.0101 42401.0101  Decanter
BUNN 42401.0101 42401.0101 Decanter
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BUNN 42400.0101 42400.0101 Decanter
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Coffee Decanters: Deliver Coffee In Style

Whether you need a coffee decanter to boost your coffee serving capacity and keep up with a growing demand for caffeine especially during peak hours or looking to replace an existing one for your coffee brewer, CKitchen has a selection of coffee decanters you can choose from.

Coffee decanters typically have a capacity of 64 ounces or half a gallon. They are great coffee servers to use in an establishment that gets a small stream of coffee orders. Having additional commercial coffee decanters on hand allows you to have multiple pots of piping hot coffee ready so that you can serve your customers promptly and won't have to wait for a new brew.

Our coffee decanters are designed to fit with coffee brewers and makers from industry leaders like BUNN, Grindmaster-Cecilware, Hamilton Beach, Admiral Craft, Browne USA, Curtis, AllPoints, Bloomfield, and Libertyware. These products are guaranteed high-quality made with heavy-duty materials that can handle the heat in a commercial setting.

Glass and stainless steel coffee decanters are both available with different colors of handles to match the decor or style of your restaurant or cafe. Stainless steel coffee decanters offer more insulation and will, therefore, keep the coffee fresh for longer. However, there are coffee warmers that either come with a coffee brewer or can be purchased separately. These are basically hot plates designed to warm coffee inside glass decanters. These are a convenient and economical way to upgrade your coffee service because you can simply brew multiple pots beforehand instead of buying a separate coffee brewer altogether.

There are also high-end coffee decanters that assist operators in maintaining the flavor, temperature, and overall quality of the coffee through a visual system that lets you know if the coffee is still safe to serve, is close to expiration, or is almost running out.