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Milk Frothers and Steamers

Enhance The Flavor Of Hot Beverages With Milk Steamer and Frothers

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Astra Manufacturing STS1300 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing STA1300 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing STP1800 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing STS1800 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing STS2400 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing STA1800 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing STS4800 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing STA2400 Steamer
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Astra Manufacturing
Astra Manufacturing STA4800 Steamer
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    Milk Steamers and Milk Frothers For Better-Tasting Coffee

    No hot beverage service is complete without milk steamers, and you'll find the best deals on some of the finest milk-steaming equipment in the market here on CKitchen. 

    Milk steamers, which are sometimes called milk frothers or milk steamer frothers, are dedicated equipment designed to create frothy milk to enhance the flavors of coffee drinks such as cappuccino and frappe. Frothy milk can also be used for latte art to improve the presentation of any cup of coffee.

    Milk frothing involves introducing air to the milk to create a light and foamy texture. Not all types of milk can be used for this process. You can expect great results with skimmed and non-fat dairy products while whole milk is the ideal choice if you are going for a more creamy quality to your froth milk.

    Depending on the level of control you want to keep over the frothing process, you can choose between semi-automatic and automatic milk frothers. There are units with single or multiple valves to meet your daily production demands. Commercial milk steamers here on CKitchen can produce hundreds of cups per hour and are also versatile enough for juice and smoothies.

    Electric milk frothers are constructed with stainless steel to stand up to commercial use. If you are looking for other coffee equipment such as espresso machines, coffee brewers, coffee urns, automatic coffee machines, pourover coffee machines, and many more, we have a great selection for you.

    Here at CKitchen, we offer superior quality and performance at the lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping so you can build a fully functional kitchen that truly meets your needs and your budget. If you need any help with finding the best equipment for your operation, don't hesitate to give us a call so one of our friendly and knowledgeable foodservice equipment consultants can assist you.

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