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A Guide to Choosing Water Filters

Filtration systems block mineral deposits, scale, sediment, cysts, and other contaminants from entering the water line and equipment, preventing foul odors and chlorinated tastes in your beverages and foods. Additionally, filtration systems can extend the life of your equipment and cut down on maintenance, as machines with buildup tend to break down and suffer reductions in efficiency sooner than those who lack the buildup from unfiltered water. 

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Greywater Treatment

Greywater often also includes wastewater from clothes washing machines and sometimes include discharge from dishwashers and kitchen sinks. As a restaurant owner, what does this mean to you?

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Water-Saving Tips

The cost of utilities can stack up and nick away at the profits of your restaurant. One of the biggest players in these costs is your water bill

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Not Your Regular Water Cooler

The standard water cooler might not be an office icon like it used to be, but countertop ice makers and water dispensers can be a great, eco-friendly addition to your restaurant.

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Water Filtration

Filtration is an essential part of water sourcing in any restaurant kitchen and can impact the quality and taste of beverages as well as the longevity and maintenance requirements for your equipment.

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Water Filters Recent Reviews
Alex M (Philadelphia , Pennsylvania)
Great product
Alex M (Philadelphia , Pennsylvania)
Great product
Richard B (Garfield, New Jersey)
Item was in stock in a nearby warehouse
George K (Edgewater, Florida)
This valve/shut-off works great on our ice machine allowing us to use the filtered water to fill our water coolers.
Pratik S (Buford, Georgia)
Kurt K (Freeburg, Missouri)
satisfied with the rings we received \n
Lantz B (Leawood, Kansas)
Perfect for my Scotsman Ice Maker
Gary Barnes
Great system for the ice maker. Large, great flow rate - very ideal all around.
Jamie S
Can't believe how much of a difference this made. Could even notice a positive difference in the taste and odor of the filtered water.
Justin Prose
Perfect amount of pressure. Love that it can be used for fountain drink, coffee, and water dispensers. May need more than one of these!
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