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Commercial Display Cases: Profitable Presentation

Whether you run a deli, grocery store, or supermarket, you need glass display cases to create an ideal environment for your raw and fresh products. With these glass display cabinets, you can organize a beautiful spread of your seafood, meat, and deli offerings for your customers to choose from. CKitchen is home to a wide variety of commercial display cases that allow you to store, refrigerate, and merchandise your products in a sleek and organized manner.

These durably made temperature-controlled glass showcase cabinets operate on a wide range of temperatures to protect the freshness of your products throughout the day. The straight or curved glass front, side, and back panels provide a view of the contents from all sides and angles, so your customers can get a good look on the products even from a distance. Access to the contents is from the service side through sliding doors to provide full protection while at the same time giving your employees a quick and easy way to serve the orders.

Refrigerated seafood display cases or fish display cases keep fish and seafood fresh for longer periods, maintaining their original qualities and appearance in order to attract more customers. Deli display cases are specifically made for deli items such as meats, salads, and cheeses. Poultry display cases are perfect for raw meats. Most of the time, seafood cases can double as cases for your chicken and turkey meats as well.

Commercial display cases are horizontal and come with a wide range of capacities and can be connected to create a seamless station and display that showcases all your products in a single line. Many have strainless steel components to make them sleeker and more durable while also making them easier to clean and to maintain.

Our line of commercial display cases come from some of the industry's best manufacturers and with the lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping, CKitchen aims to offer the best deals on the market for top-quality equipment. If you need any assistance in selecting the best display case for your needs, don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email so that our trained foodservice equipment consultants can help.

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