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A Guide to Choosing Ice Machines

While choosing a certain ice machine based on its ice structure output may seem secondary, in fact choosing the right type of ice can improve profits and customer satisfaction. Knowing the difference ice types and their various uses can help you choose the ideal ice maker for your business.

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Manitowoc Ice Machines Recent Reviews
sanjay p (south el monte, California)
My guest love the ice machine
Bob T (Thomasville, North Carolina)
For our 3PL sites
Roy S (New York, New York)
Fine......just no prior delivery notice
Floyd G (Leesburg, Georgia)
Really like our new ice maker. Will recommend anyone needing one to purchase from you.
Mary G (Brownsville, Texas)
Item has been amazing in our recreation center...we are sure that ice will always be available when needed.
Eliseo C (Crest Hill, Louisiana)
Good job.
Andy P (Irving, Texas)
Ana N (Brooklyn, New York)
I don't know yet because the equipment does not work at this time.
Lisa E (Evansville, Indiana)
Thumbs up
Nick K (Appleton, Wisconsin)
Ice melts together in chute or=ver the weekend. Chute needs to be cleared
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