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John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Pro-Bowl Soiled Dishtable

SKU#: SDT6-I60144GBK-L
John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Pro-Bowl Soiled Dishtable
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John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Specifications

ConstructionStainless and Galvanized Steel
BrandJohn Boos
Gauge16 Gauge
StyleL Shaped
Height (in)44.06

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John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Certifications



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John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Description

Pro-Bowl Soiled Dishtable, island design, 60" machine to corner, 144" corner to end, 44"H overall size, L-shaped, left-to-right operation, (1) 20"W x 20" front-to-back x 8" deep pre-rinse sink bowl, 10"H boxed backsplash with 45° & 2" return, (1) set of splash mount faucet holes with 8" centers, 2-1/4"H rolled edge, 16/300 stainless steel top, galvanized legs, bracing, & adjustable bullet feet, NSF

Options for John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L

Wall flashing gauge
Size modification
What is included
  • Note: SPECIFY DISH MACHINE BRAND AND MODEL. John Boos standard opening is 20-7/8". Certain dish machines require modification at additional cost not shown here.

John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Accessories

John Boos SD-1LF Sound Deadening SD-1LF
John Boos CUT1620126 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1620126
John Boos CUT2020086 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2020086
John Boos CUT2020126 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2020126
John Boos CUT2020146 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2020146
John Boos CUT1818126 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1818126
John Boos CUT1818146 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1818146
John Boos CUT1824126 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1824126
John Boos CUT1824146 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1824146
John Boos CUT2424126 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2424126
John Boos CUT2424146 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT2424146
John Boos CUTCSB18 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUTCSB18
John Boos CUTCSB30 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUTCSB30
John Boos PB-SRW-21 Sorting Shelf PB-SRW-21
John Boos PB-SRW-42 Sorting Shelf PB-SRW-42
John Boos PB-SRW-63 Sorting Shelf PB-SRW-63
John Boos BHS1822-TS Dishrack Sorting Shelf BHS1822-TS
John Boos BHS1842-TS Dishrack Sorting Shelf BHS1842-TS
John Boos BHS1863-TS Dishrack Sorting Shelf BHS1863-TS
John Boos BHS1882-TS Dishrack Sorting Shelf BHS1882-TS
John Boos DTSS-30144-S Sorting Shelf DTSS-30144-S
John Boos DTSS-30144-T Sorting Shelf DTSS-30144-T
John Boos PRW15 Pot Rack PRW15
John Boos PRW14A Pot Rack PRW14A
John Boos PRW14 Pot Rack PRW14
John Boos PRW13A Pot Rack PRW13A
John Boos PRW13 Pot Rack PRW13
John Boos PRW12 Pot Rack PRW12
John Boos PRW11 Pot Rack PRW11
John Boos PRW11A Pot Rack PRW11A
John Boos PRW25 Pot Rack PRW25
John Boos PRW24A Pot Rack PRW24A
John Boos PRW24 Pot Rack PRW24
John Boos PRW23A Pot Rack PRW23A
John Boos PRW23 Pot Rack PRW23
John Boos PRW22 Pot Rack PRW22
John Boos PRW21 Pot Rack PRW21
John Boos PRW21A Pot Rack PRW21A
John Boos CAS12-1 Flange Foot CAS12-1
John Boos PB-DTA-20-01 Dish Table Pre-Rinse Basket PB-DTA-20-01
John Boos PB-DTA-20-01-X Dish Table Pre-Rinse Basket PB-DTA-20-01-X
John Boos PB-DTS-20RS Dishtable Rack Slide PB-DTS-20RS
John Boos PB-DTS-20RS-X Dishtable Rack Slide PB-DTS-20RS-X
John Boos PB-DTS-1620RS Dishtable Rack Slide PB-DTS-1620RS
John Boos PB-DTS-18RS Dishtable Rack Slide PB-DTS-18RS
John Boos PB-DTA-1824 Dish Table Pre-Rinse Basket PB-DTA-1824
John Boos PB-DTS-1824RS Dishtable Rack Slide PB-DTS-1824RS
John Boos PB-DTA-24 Dish Table Pre-Rinse Basket PB-DTA-24
John Boos PB-DTS-24RS Dishtable Rack Slide PB-DTS-24RS
John Boos PBF-8-SLF Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-8-SLF
John Boos PBF-8-SLF-X Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-8-SLF-X
John Boos PBF-10-SLF Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-10-SLF
John Boos PBF-10-SLF-X Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-10-SLF-X
John Boos PBF-12-SLF Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-12-SLF
John Boos PBF-12-SLF-X Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-12-SLF-X
John Boos PBF-14-SLF Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-14-SLF
John Boos PBF-14-SLF-X Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-14-SLF-X
John Boos PBF-16-SLF Heavy Duty Faucet PBF-16-SLF
John Boos PB-PRW-1LF Prerinse Unit PB-PRW-1LF
John Boos PB-PRW-1LF-X Prerinse Unit PB-PRW-1LF-X
John Boos PB-LWR-1 Twist Handle Lever Waste PB-LWR-1
John Boos PB-LWR-1-X Twist Handle Lever Waste PB-LWR-1-X
John Boos PB-LWR-1OV Twist Handle Lever Waste PB-LWR-1OV
John Boos CUT1620146 Weld-In Undermount Sink CUT1620146
John Boos X-0413D Shop Splice (modification) X-0413D
John Boos X-0216A Field Joint Provision X-0216A
John Boos X-0414C Over flow hole X-0414C
John Boos X-0414D Quick Drain Trough X-0414D
John Boos X-0413K Scrap Trough X-0413K
John Boos SD-1PD Sound Deadening Pads SD-1PD
John Boos X-0413I Landing Edge X-0413I
John Boos X-0203D Extra bracing X-0203D
John Boos X-0421A Poly board holder X-0421A
John Boos WSUG-2 Welded Setup WSUG-2
John Boos WSUG-4 Welded Setup WSUG-4
John Boos WSUG-6 Welded Setup WSUG-6
John Boos X-0430C Modify tub spacing X-0430C
John Boos X-0430CA Modify tub spacing X-0430CA
John Boos X-0430CB Modify tub spacing X-0430CB
John Boos X-0460A Single Overshelf X-0460A
John Boos X-0460AA Single Overshelf X-0460AA
John Boos X-0470A Undershelf X-0470A
John Boos X-0470AA Undershelf X-0470AA
John Boos X-0470AB Undershelf X-0470AB
John Boos X-0470E Plumbing cutout X-0470E
John Boos X-0470F Undershelf X-0470F
John Boos CAS07 Bullet Foot CAS07
John Boos SCRAP-BLOCK-5.75 Scrap Block SCRAP-BLOCK-5.75

John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Parts

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John Boos SDT6-I60144GBK-L Pro-Bowl Soiled Dishtable
SDT6-I60144GBK-L Pro-Bowl Soiled Dishtable
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