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Metro 2472N-DSG Super Erecta® Designer Shelf

SKU#: 2472N-DSG
Metro 2472N-DSG Super Erecta® Designer Shelf
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Why don't we show the price for this item?

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Please note, our minimum Metro order is $275.

Please note, our minimum Metro order is $275.

Metro 2472N-DSG Specifications

Width (in)72
Depth (in)24

Additional Information on Metro 2472N-DSG

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Metro 2472N-DSG Description

Super Erecta® Designer Shelf, wire, 72"W x 24"D, smoked glass finish, shelving is not cart-washable

Options for Metro 2472N-DSG

Track systems

Metro 2472N-DSG Accessories

Metro 13P-DSG Super Erecta® Post 13P-DSG
Metro 33P-DSG Super Erecta® Post 33P-DSG
Metro 54P-DSG Super Erecta® Post 54P-DSG
Metro 63P-DSG Super Erecta® Post 63P-DSG
Metro 74P-DSG Super Erecta® Post 74P-DSG
Metro 86P-DSG Super Erecta® Post 86P-DSG
Metro 33UP-DSG Super Erecta® Post 33UP-DSG
Metro 54UP-DSG Super Erecta® Post 54UP-DSG
Metro 63UP-DSG Super Erecta® Post 63UP-DSG
Metro 74UP-DSG Super Erecta® Post 74UP-DSG
Metro 86UP-DSG Super Erecta® Post 86UP-DSG
Metro SW51C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts SW51C
Metro SW53C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts SW53C
Metro SW55C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts SW55C
Metro SW56C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts SW56C
Metro AW51C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts AW51C
Metro AW53C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts AW53C
Metro AW55C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts AW55C
Metro AW56C Super Erecta® Wall Mounts AW56C
Metro 13PDF Post & Mounting Brackets 13PDF
Metro 13PDFS Post & Mounting Brackets 13PDFS
Metro 33PDF Post & Mounting Brackets 33PDF
Metro 33PDFS Post & Mounting Brackets 33PDFS
Metro 54PDF Post & Mounting Brackets 54PDF
Metro 54PDFS Post & Mounting Brackets 54PDFS
Metro 63PDF Post & Mounting Brackets 63PDF
Metro 63PDFS Post & Mounting Brackets 63PDFS
Metro 2WS24S Super Erecta® Shelf Support 2WS24S
Metro 1WD24K3 Direct Wall Mount Bracket 1WD24K3
Metro SS2NC Super Erecta® Slide System SS2NC
Metro 20SNC Super Erecta® Tray Slide 20SNC
Metro H124-DSG Super Erecta® Hanger Rail H124-DSG
Metro 9990CL3 Super Erecta® Label Holder 9990CL3
Metro 9990CL4 Super Erecta® Label Holder 9990CL4
Metro 9990CL5 Super Erecta® Label Holder 9990CL5
Metro 9985 Split Sleeves 9985
Metro 9986Z Split Sleeves 9986Z
Metro 9986S Split Sleeves 9986S
Metro R52S Super Erecta® Rod & Tabs R52S
Metro R61S Super Erecta® Rod & Tabs R61S
Metro R72C Super Erecta® Rod & Tabs R72C
Metro R72S Super Erecta® Rod & Tabs R72S
Metro R84C Super Erecta® Rod & Tabs R84C
Metro R84S Super Erecta® Rod & Tabs R84S
Metro 9084Z Additional Tabs 9084Z
Metro PH1239C Super Erecta® File Basket PH1239C
Metro CKS1522BL Keyboard/Utility Shelf CKS1522BL
Metro CWM Wire Management Device CWM
Metro CPS48 Power Strip CPS48
Metro LTFMA Swing Arm LTFMA
Metro MB30230CLSH Supply Bin MB30230CLSH
Metro MB30235CLSH Supply Bin MB30235CLSH
Metro MB30240CLSH Supply Bin MB30240CLSH
Metro MB30120Y Shelf Bins MB30120Y
Metro MB30130Y Shelf Bins MB30130Y
Metro MB30128Y Shelf Bins MB30128Y
Metro MB30138Y Shelf Bins MB30138Y
Metro MB30178Y Shelf Bins MB30178Y
Metro MB30124Y Shelf Bins MB30124Y
Metro MB30164Y Shelf Bins MB30164Y
Metro MB30174Y Shelf Bins MB30174Y
Metro MB30234B Supply Bins MB30234B
Metro MB30250B Supply Bins MB30250B
Metro MB30265B Supply Bins MB30265B
Metro MB30281B Supply Bins MB30281B
Metro MB30283B Supply Bins MB30283B
Metro MB34240G Bulk Supply Bins MB34240G
Metro MB30348T Supply Bins MB30348T

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Metro 2472N-DSG Super Erecta® Designer Shelf
2472N-DSG Super Erecta® Designer Shelf
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