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Commercial Plastic Dinnerware

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Commercial Plastic Dinnerware Recent Reviews
Alison F (New York City, NY)
There's no better fryer we could have picked for our restaurant. It's so well made and works fantastically. There's really no flaw I can see at the moment, it's amazing
Bonny F. W (Branson, Missouri)
Amazing display case. Pretty amazing for the price. LED lighting, glass on the sides and front, which is curved that makes it extra gorgeous. Also some stainless steel for added toughness. Love it
Rick S (West Jordan, UT)
We fully recommend this fryer. It's a good quality unit that we can use every single day. The size of the baskets is great. We can cook large batches very quickly. Super super happy with it!
Jordan F (Winchester, IN)
Been using this mixer nonstop for several months and I gotta say there's hasn't been a time that it struggled to keep up with the job. Very very happy with this one and will recommend it with no hesitation
Doughlas W. (Huntsville, AL)
This fryer is good for the price. Good power and pretty decent power. Overall a good product I would happily recommend to those looking for a fryer they can use for small applications
Caroline S (Madison, WI)
Totally amazed by this fryer. We made some of the most delicious fried foods we've ever had with this one. Food is cooked quickly with amazing results EVERY SINGLE TIME. It also keeps the temperature consistent throughout, which was amazing. Another big plus is the extremely easy cleanup
Tara D. M (Saint Paul, MN)
This coffee machine is designed really well. The stainless steel is very durable, but also so easy to clean and not to mention very sleek. Would totally recommend this amazing unit!
Raymond D (Akron, Oh)
We immediately set this refrigerated display up, no fuss, no issues. It was working as expected. It's beautiful and just the right size for us. Love the curved glass, everything is in view at all times
Jeremy F (Colorado Springs, CO)
We added this to our stand to serve more fried foods and gotta say it's just incredible. It's an instant hit. Best addition to the business hands down, sales are up!
Dan B (Birmingham, AL)
This is an excellent proofing cabinet. It's a tremendous help around the kitchen, keeps our stuff fresh. We're impressed with the hassle-free installation, we set it up very easily and quickly.
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