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Keg Racks

Organize Your Beer Supply With Our High-Quality Keg Racks

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Popular Brands for Keg Racks

Eagle Quantum Advance Tabco FMP John Boos
Quantum Food Service 183654DGY Tank & Beverage Container Dunnage Rack
Your Price$215.06
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Quantum Food Service 243654DGY Tank & Beverage Container Dunnage Rack
Your Price$248.63
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Quantum Food Service 184854DGY Tank & Beverage Container Dunnage Rack
Your Price$264.22
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Quantum Food Service 186054DGY Tank & Beverage Container Dunnage Rack
Your Price$305.00
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Quantum Food Service 244854DGY Tank & Beverage Container Dunnage Rack
Your Price$305.26
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Quantum Food Service 246054DGY Tank & Beverage Container Dunnage Rack
Your Price$358.77
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FMP 503-1017 Water Solenoid Valve
Your Price$31.05
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FMP 503-1127 Pilaster
Your Price$62.00
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FMP 502-1030 Drier
Your Price$63.00
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FMP 508-1003 Quick Disconnect
Your Price$64.00
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FMP 503-1028 Condenser Fan Blade (13-3/4")
Your Price$81.00
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John Boos ALKRS-2072-X Rear Keg Strap
Your Price$124.95
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FMP 508-1002 Quick Disconnect 3/4" female NPT
Your Price$128.00
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John Boos ALKRS-2080-X Rear Keg Strap
Your Price$136.50
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John Boos ALKRS-2093-X Rear Keg Strap
Your Price$145.95
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FMP 503-1006 Ice Bin Baffle
Your Price$151.00
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FMP 508-1009 Hose
Your Price$178.00
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    Keg Racks: Keep Your Beer Supply Organized

    For any bar or restaurant that keeps a large supply of beer or craft brews, keg racks are an essential addition to the back of the house and the most reliable solution for keeping your bar running efficiently. These keg racks are specially designed for storing barrel kegs, helping you organize and make the most of your space. This way, you can easily locate items and replenish your bar as needed and you are able to perform inventory without hassle.

    Keg storage racks are constructed solidly so they can properly support the weight of heavy beer kegs. They typically have dunnage racks and come in up to three shelves so that you can store up to six kegs and other small items. The side and the back of each tier typically have solid frames to prevent the racks from sliding off. Many of these keg racks have an antimicrobial finish to protect your products from contamination that could affect the taste and quality of the beer and ultimately spoil the product, which could lead to food waste.

    CKitchen has an amazing selection of keg racks from some of the best brands in the business including Metro, Eagle, Quantum, and Advance Tabco. These units are made with high-quality materials that are designed for long years of reliable use. Some brands are even engineered to double your storage capacity without adding extra bulk to the cooler. Some styles can also fit beer cases, helping you create a complete consolidated storage station for all your beverage offerings.

    If you need any assistance in choosing the best keg racks for your operation, we have a team of foodservice equipment consultants on standby, ready to provide professional advice via phone.

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