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Use Our Dollies To Safely Transport Heavy Loads

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Use Our Dollies To Safely Transport Heavy Loads

Purchase our dolly hand trucks to ensure that your staff does not have to transport heavy loads and injure themselves on the way. Keep your insurance premiums to a minimum by supplying your establishment with hand trucks and dollies for transport. Our line of dollies is perfect for establishments that are spread over a wide area, making it difficult to transport heavy loads manually. These dollies even keep heavy appliances like microwaves safe while transporting them from one corner of your restaurant to the other. They make for efficient handling and transporting of goods without breakage.

Our hand trucks are resilient and tough, are resistant to wear and tear, and function for a longer time. We also offer repair parts and accessories for dollies so that they can be of use and serve your establishment for a longer span. Your foodservice establishment cannot run up to full capacity unless you equip it with dollies for dinnerware, flatware, and beverageware. Select a state-of-the-art dolly to serve a buffet spread to your customers in style and add to the reputation of your restaurant. Whether you want to accommodate dirty laundry or beer kegs, our hand trucks have you covered.

Select a hand truck according to your commercial requirements and load capacity. Remember that your staff has to lift the load in case of a dolly and just slide it under the load in case of a hand truck. Purchase recycling dollies with wheels that can function as trash cans and dispose of trash without a mess. With our huge variety of dollies, you do not need to look elsewhere to purchase one to run your restaurant. With compact space as one of its features, you can transport many items at once to keep up with your competitors.

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