Commercial Roll-In Refrigerators

Take your prep line storage or any other food service application to new levels with a roll-in refrigerator from CKitchen. These super-convenient refrigerators are just as they sound — they’re commercial refrigerators with wheels — so they’re extremely versatile and convenient for various food prep and storage applications. Roll-in refrigerators are especially ideal for high-volume scenarios, because they can be used for cooling and storage in a busy prep area and then be transferred easily to the front of the house, kitchen or packaging area. Unlike a normal refrigerator, the roll-in has an empty cavity for your roll-in racks.

This allows you to easily prepare food, load it and roll it all into the refrigerator or freezer at the same time. It also helps you keep food fresh and cool before service. has a huge selection of roll-in styles by your favorite commercial refrigerator brands, including Beverage-Air, Delfield, Traulsen, Turbo Air, Victory and Master-Bilt. Different brands offer different advantages. For example, if you choose a Victory commercial refrigerator, you can expect premier quality due to the fact that their products are made in the U.S. Most brands make sensible, economical and easy-to-clean styles with stainless steel components.

Our selection includes everything from space-saving, compact roll-in fridges to compact, high-volume styles for large operations. Opt for a single-compartment style for your small kitchen or upgrade to something with three sections for various foods and temperatures. We’d be more than happy to help you find the appropriate roll-in refrigerator. Commercial kitchen experts at CKitchen are well-equipped to assess your existing needs, space requirements and budget so that you find the ideal unit for your space. You’ll always get the guaranteed lowest price, quick shipping and easy financing at

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  • FINANCE FOR: $449.80/mo.
  • Price: $19,950.48
  • Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

  • SKU # RRI332L-FHS
  • FINANCE FOR: $367.79/mo.
  • Price: $16,312.72
  • Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

  • SKU # RRI332LP-FHS
  • FINANCE FOR: $494.74/mo.
  • Price: $21,944.34
  • Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

  • FINANCE FOR: $505.92/mo.
  • Price: $22,439.34
  • Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

  • FINANCE FOR: $378.94/mo.
  • Price: $16,807.72
  • Usually ships in 4-6 weeks

  • SKU # RIS-1D-S1
  • FINANCE FOR: $158.91/mo.

  • SKU # RIS-1D-S1-XH
  • FINANCE FOR: $163.47/mo.

  • SKU # RIS-2D-S1
  • FINANCE FOR: $231.01/mo.

  • SKU # RIS-2D-S1-XH
  • FINANCE FOR: $234.22/mo.

  • SKU # RIS-3D-S1
  • FINANCE FOR: $331.11/mo.

  • SKU # RISA-1D-S1
  • FINANCE FOR: $150.68/mo.

  • SKU # RISA-1D-S1-XH
  • FINANCE FOR: $155.67/mo.

  • SKU # RISA-2D-S1
  • FINANCE FOR: $210.95/mo.

  • SKU # RISA-2D-S1-XH
  • FINANCE FOR: $220.98/mo.

  • SKU # RISA-3D-S1
  • FINANCE FOR: $283.79/mo.

  • FINANCE FOR: $140.95/mo.
  • Price: $7,249

  • FINANCE FOR: $172.37/mo.
  • Price: $8,865



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