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Top-Notch Drainboards for Commercial Sinks

Ideal for your hand-washing, serving, bar, dishwashing or cleaning sink, a commercial drainboard adds extra workspace — usually for draining or drying dishes — to your commercial sink. It may seem like a small or useless thing, but a drainboard is key for keeping your environment more efficient and clean. Underbar drainboards are sometimes used in the bar to drain liquids that overflow, ensuring that everything drains properly and doesn’t cause a sticky, wet mess.

CKitchen is your one-stop shop for commercial sinks and drainboard units. Generally, you will need to choose a drainboard based on which sink you have — for example, you should choose an Advance Tabco style for an Advance Tabco sink — but there are some styles here that are compatible with various different sinks. They typically come with all the mounting hardware you need to easily add this accessory to your existing unit. Our selection includes detachable drainboards that you can install as needed.

Commercial Water Tempering Systems

This department is also home to some trough water tempering systems by Eagle Group. Equipped with Eagle Cool TroughÒ technology, these units feature a patented design that ensures complete drainage. They require no electrical connection and are easy to install. Eagle Group also makes high-quality commercial floor drains that you can use to ensure that water goes where it’s supposed to go in your business.

CKitchen.com is staffed by a team of commercial kitchen experts, so we’re always available to help you determine which commercial kitchen equipment is best for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized advice. Remember: We always offer free shipping on everything, plus the lowest price guaranteed.