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A Guide to Choosing Stainless Steel Sinks
A Guide to Choosing Stainless Steel Sinks
The number of compartments you’ll need for your sink will be determined by the tasks that your sink needs to perform. While three compartment sinks are the traditional favorite of many kitchens, there are other options available. Read More
Hands-Free Faucets
Hands-Free Faucets

Hands-free faucets have become a widely-accepted part of restaurant bathrooms, but have you considered using them in the kitchen as well?

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NSF-Rated Sinks

When it comes to square utility sinks and NSF-rated sinks, the differences can be stark.

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Hands-Free Sinks and Automatic Soap Dispensers
Hands-Free Sinks and Automatic Soap Dispensers

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers have become more popular in recent years, but many reserve these for use in public bathrooms. In fact, there are hands-free sinks and dispensers available for kitchen use as well.

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Understanding Codes for Sinks

Rather than haphazardly purchasing a sink that you think will get the job done, know the codes for kitchen sinks to help ensure that your restaurant has exactly the right type of sink for your kitchen setup.

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Commercial Kitchen Sinks Recent Reviews
Beth B (Massillon, Ohio)
Worked great for us. Good quality.
KENNETH K (Aptos, California)
As advertised, excellent quality. There is a lead time from the manufacturer, but they shipped when they said they would when I ordered.
Spyros S (Manhasset, New York)
I use the sink for my dishwashing needs, I would recommend to all restaurants
Joseph S (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Quality of product, outstanding.
Kristopher L (Chicago, Illinois)
good product
JAIME R (FRESNO, California)
good quality
Le B (Denver, Colorado)
works and looks great
Maria R (Aurora, Illinois)
My sink need it that new part badly as BEARS needs to win the super ball, I also will let my collies know about your product
anthony k (philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Kate F (atlanta , Georgia)
We are using it as a salad prep sink and going with the stainless steel legs over the galvanized to prevent rusting makes this sink perfect for us.
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