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Commercial Sinks

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NSF-Rated Sinks
NSF-Rated Sinks

Sinks are a requirement in any foodservice establishment. From washing dishes to sanitizing hands, they cover a multitude of uses aimed at making the restaurant a safe place to work and eat. Designers are tasked with purchasing sinks that are pragmatic and that mesh with the interior of the kitchen, and the selection to choose from is wide and varied. In fact, small differences in the design of a sink can make a huge difference in the scheme of your kitchen. When it comes to square utility sinks and NSF-rated sinks, the differences can be stark.

So what exactly does it mean to be NSF-rated?

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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Commercial Sinks

Commercial sinks are available in an assortment of sizes. Choosing the right size for your establishment is important to making the best use of commercial sinks. Understanding the difference between existing models is also key to deploying the appropriate sink across the various areas in your commercial kitchen. Let's take a look at the most important features you should keep in mind before making a purchase. The warewashing space happens to be one of the most important areas in your kitchen. Health departments focus on the way your establishment's back house space functions to determine the extent of hygiene you maintain.

?Why is it important to have a commercial sink?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your dishwasher is dysfunctional, a compartment sink can cover up. It is essential to have a three-compartment sink to soak, rinse and sanitize your wares in the kitchen. Ware washing spaces require sinks to be code-compliant. The health department will not take lightly to a kitchen that doesn't have sinks or one that deploys substandard units. Commercial sinks form an integral part of how an establishment can meet all local and state-level health codes. Having separate sinks for different purposes is important in maintaining sanitary conditions. It is imperative to maintain separate compartment sinks for ware washing, handwashing sinks for personal hygiene, and mop sinks for the janitorial staff. This prevents cross-contamination and removes health hazards.

? How important is the flow rate?

While high flow rates create the impression of higher efficiency, such is never the case. Lower flow rate faucets from sinks can help you with saving water, and subsequently- cutting costs. It also helps reduce splatter, and even improves washing efficiency. This helps you maintain dry floors, improving workplace safety and sanitation.

? What are the different types of industrial sink bowls?

When establishments do not require a full-fledged sink unit, and instead have a cut-out for creating a washing station, they can choose between undermount and drop-in sink bowls. Undermount bowls: These units are installed from beneath the cut-out, creating a sleek and continuous surface. Drop-in bowls: Such bowls are installed from above the cut-out, making the sink border visible and easy to clean.

? The most recommended commercial sinks

Understanding that the requirements for each establishment are different, there exist various ways and methods by which you can outfit your establishment with sinks to help you maintain sanitation. Here are sinks that are commonly used in several establishments, suited to different areas and purposes:

Ware Wash
One, two, three, and four-compartment sinks based on volume.

Underbar sinks, underbar compartment sinks ranging from one to four compartments.

Personal Hygiene
Hand sinks and underbar hand sinks.

Janitorial Services
Mop sinks, sink cabinets, and utility sinks.

Specialty Sinks
Prep table sinks, power wash sinks, and dish tables.

For Caterers
Hand sink carts and mobile soaking units.

? Commercial sink accessories

Accessories and add-ons help you expand on the existing functionalities of your commercial sink. Here are applicable accessories for your commercial sink unit:

A variety of faucets suited to different sinks can help your staff handle the dishes better. Pre-rinse faucets help with washing off scraps, while the deck and wall-mount faucets are more suited to the washing process in itself.

Garbage Disposal Units
These units are essential for scrap sinks.

These accessories are ideal for dish tables and compartment sinks dedicated purely to washing dishes as they see a lot of runoff.

Splash Guards & Backsplashes
They're important tools to prevent staining your establishment's walls adjacent to your sinks. They're especially useful in bars.

Sink Heaters
Useful for sanitation purposes, as it reduces the existing load on your water heating systems.

Lever Wastes
Helps your staff drain water with a simple crank, avoiding dirty water and sharp utensils while trying to reach the cap.

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