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Your Commercial Kitchen: How to Clean Kitchen Sinks?

Your Commercial Kitchen: How to Clean Kitchen Sinks?

As a food and beverage professional, you know just how vital a clean commercial kitchen is. That’s why knowing how to clean kitchen sinks is an essential part of any kitchen staff’s training. Sure, while cleaning a kitchen sink doesn’t seem like rocket science. Extra precautions need to be taken when you work in an industry that prepares and serves food to the general public. 

Why You Should Have a Disposer

Why You Should Have a Disposer

A sink disposer not only offsets the overall amount of organic, produce-based waste that would otherwise have to be hauled off to the local dump. These units should be an integral part of every sink in your restaurant’s kitchen, helping to grind down your bulk waste and labor costs!

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Glastender Eagle Perlick Blue Air Turbo Air Krowne LaCrosse Advance Tabco Forbes Industries IMC/Teddy John Boos

To ensure a good customer experience, restaurants and bars use a variety of glassware to serve everything from cocktails to beers to juices and mocktails. With an underbar sink, your team can easily hand-wash, clean, and disinfect your fragile glasses even during the busiest hours. These underbar sinks are not as large as your kitchen sinks, so you don't have to be concerned about them occupying space in your bar area.

Our collection of underbar sinks includes dump sinks, underbar sinks with 1 to 4 compartments, and underbar sinks with and without drainboards. Your staff can use these sinks to give your glassware, mixers, and bar equipment a convenient place to air-dry. These sinks, made of durable stainless steel material, can endure even the most demanding hours. Choose from our assortment of underbar sinks to clean your glassware and barware quickly and efficiently.

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Underbar Sinks Recent Reviews

Ronnie F (Cambridge, Ma)

This sink works well in our kitchen. It is the center of our manual dishwashing station and it's been very helpful in keeping everything spick and span. Very happy as well with how well built it is

Mike D (Wichita, KS)

This sink fits a lot of washing space including 2 drainboards in our small kitchen. The size is just perfect for what we need. The construction is also very impressive.

Rachel D (Dubuque, IA)

We've had this sink for as long as I can remember! Has a super solid construction, always blown away by how good it still looks after all these years of daily use. 10/10!

Layton H (Erie, PA)

Extremely satisfied with this product. It's exactly what we expected. Also CKitchen did a good job with the delivery. It was shipped safely, no dents or any damage. We got it quickly too

Klara R (Edmond, Ok)

The best thing about this sink is that it is very easy to clean. It's also very sturdy and reliable. We use it every single day without any issue. Would highly recommend it!

Christopher S. L (Charlotte, NC)

Love the quality and the size of this sink. It is very suitable for washing and cleaning fruits, vegetables and other food. Easy assembly. I'd recommend Advance Tabco as it’s reliable brand.

Skylar C (Harrisburg, Pa)

Great commercial sink from Eagle brand has quite simple design but works absolutely fantastic! We’ve been using this for over a decade and 100% pleased with it. As it happens quite often in a busy kitchen the sink is not always maintained the proper way but the unit hasn’t rusted even closely. It’s all because high quality 430 type stainless steel which the sink is built of. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a top quality sink to last for years.

Colby D (Sparks, NV)

This is the best sink we've been looking for for our shop. It arrived here fast. It's a wonderful addition for the kitchen. It's working great and the size is just right. For these kinds of sinks and the quality of them, the cost is very good. This came with a faucet too and it's really nice. The whole thing was very easy to install.

Carlos N (Nashville,TN)

If you are looking for a quality sink, look no further than Advance Tabco sinks. This is really well made for being used in the commercial kitchen. It features a large bowl size with a lot of room for washing. Fast and easy legs assembly.

Jaya N (Dearborn, Mi)

This sink has been with us for several years at this point and it virtually doesn't have a scratch on it. We don't use it heavily, but it can handle easy or standard washing jobs

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