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Two Compartment Sinks

Prepare Foods or Wash Dishes with a Two Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

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A 2 compartment sink will help make your kitchen run more efficiently. When you have a double bowl stainless steel sink in your professional kitchen, clean-up is much more convenient for your kitchen crew.
    At CKitchen, you can find the best 2 compartment sink for your needs. CKitchen carries a number of sinks from Blue Air, including their kitchen sink with drainboards and their space-saving corner sink. These high-quality stainless-steel sinks make clean-up so much easier. Plus, when you invest in an undermount bar sink, you help ensure the safety and cleanliness of your 2 compartment sink, as well as your entire kitchen.
    Whatever your sink size needs may be – CKitchen has an option for you. You can find a small utility sink – great for compact kitchens – or you can choose from a variety of double sinks and underbar sinks that fit well into larger commercial kitchens.
    Eagle sinks are a great option for larger kitchens. Their economy sinks are approximately 18” front to back and 12” deep, while their higher-end commercial sink is around the same size overall, but two inches deeper – ideal for cleaning large stock pots.
    Like the Eagle brand, the Advance Tabco sink is a heavy-duty industrial sink, one that comes with galvanized legs and adjustable feet. Another option is the Turbo Air sink, which comes with drainboards on both the left and right sides of the sinks. The added convenience of dual drainboards will help your team save a ton of time.
    In addition to a 2 compartment sink, also consider purchasing your commercial mop sink and commercial hand sink from CKitchen. These are two more pieces of equipment that will make clean-up a breeze and ensure that your kitchen stays on par with government hygiene regulations.
    Purchasing a 2 compartment sink, like stainless steel sinks with drainboards, is a long-lasting investment that will save your team time and effort. The more convenient clean-up is, the more time your team will have to spend making delicious meals that keep your customers coming back for more. When you’re in the market for a commercial sink, CKitchen has you covered.