Blakeslee Door Type Dishwashers

Keep Your Dishes and Serveware Sparkling Clean With Door Type Dishwashers

Blakeslee D-18 Dishwasher
Blakeslee D-18 Dishwasher
  • FINANCE FOR: $105.06/mo.
  • $4,888.90
Blakeslee D-18D-3 Dishwasher  hood type
Blakeslee D-18D-3 Dishwasher hood type
  • FINANCE FOR: $120.51/mo.
  • $5,607.58
Blakeslee D-18V-3 Dishwasher  hood type
Blakeslee D-18V-3 Dishwasher hood type
  • FINANCE FOR: $170.99/mo.
  • $7,956.93
Blakeslee D-8 Dishwasher
Blakeslee D-8 Dishwasher
  • FINANCE FOR: $174.24/mo.
  • $8,107.79
Blakeslee D-8B Dishwasher
Blakeslee D-8B Dishwasher
  • FINANCE FOR: $209.83/mo.
  • $9,764.24
Blakeslee DD-8 Dishwasher
Blakeslee DD-8 Dishwasher
  • FINANCE FOR: $345.95/mo.
  • $16,098.17
Blakeslee DD-8B Dishwasher
Blakeslee DD-8B Dishwasher
  • FINANCE FOR: $399.39/mo.
  • $18,584.74
Blakeslee WS1000 Wash and Store Dishwasher  front load
Blakeslee WS1000 Wash and Store Dishwasher front load
  • FINANCE FOR: $532.16/mo.
  • $24,763.25
Blakeslee WS2000 Wash and Store Dishwasher  pass-thru
Blakeslee WS2000 Wash and Store Dishwasher pass-thru
  • FINANCE FOR: $572.89/mo.
  • $26,658.50
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Commercial Door-Type Dishwashers: For Safer Meals

The cleanliness of the wares contributes to the quality of the food you serve to your customers. Commercial dishwashers are specially designed to help you maintain a fast pace of service by providing constant availability of clean crockery and cookware. Door-type dishwashers make up one of the most popular types of dishwashers used in the commercial setting.

Door-type dishwashers can wash, rinse, and sanitize plates, bowls, and similar items while larger warewashing machines are able to accommodate utensils, pots, and pans. There are various sizes and capacities to choose from depending on how much plates and dinnerware you use every single day. Smaller units can go through 10 to almost a hundred racks per hour while the larger units can handle hundreds.

Door-type dishwashers can handle the heavy work, so you can expect a stainless steel construction to resist rust and damage from heavy intensive use. Our commercial door-type dishwashers come from some of the most trusted brands in the industry offered at the lowest prices guaranteed to help you outfit your kitchen with top-quality reliable equipment that will meet your daily needs. Many units are also Energy Star-rated for excellent performance at lower energy costs.

Door-type dishwashers are ideal for operators with limited space to work with. They work best with dishtables that allow you to separate the dirty plates from the clean ones. However, most commercial dishwashing machines come in a straight and corner configuration so you can integrate it into your existing layout seamlessly.

When shopping for door-type dishwashers, you will notice that there are two categories: low-temperature and high-temperature. Keep in mind that high-temp units use a booster heater that brings the temperature of the water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize the plates. Depending on the temperature of the hot water in your building, you can get a 40-degree booster heater or a 70-degrees booster heater.

Low-temp dishwashers rely on chemical agents to sanitize your dishes. Most door-type dishwashers are packing automatic tank fill and door-activated drains as well as front-mounted tanks so they are easy to access and clean. Controls are usually located at the front so you always have instant, ergonomic access. The units even have interchangeable upper and lower spray arms for added flexibility.

If you envision washing a lot of stockpots or sheet pans but do not want to invest in a pot and pan washer, there are taller dishwashing machines that can work for you. However, it might be a good idea to simply invest in a dedicated pot and pan washer or a utensil washer if you have a lot of large wares to clean anyway. Door-type dishwashers typically require a condensate hood to remove the heat and steam produced during use. You also get additional features such as a rack-sensing system that activates the machine only when a rack is onboard.

If you are looking for other equipment for your commercial kitchen, CKitchen has a great selection for you. We have any machine and supply for every conceivable foodservice task: refrigeration, food prep, cooking, cleaning, sanitation, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for ice machines, commercial mixers, ovens, or fryers, you'll find it all here at CKitchen. Our trained foodservice equipment professionals are only a phone call away if you need any assistance during your shopping.

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