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Commercial Deck-Type Ovens: Baking Pizzas The Right Way

Commercial deck-type ovens, simply commercial deck ovens, are specialized ovens that are deemed valuable kitchen assets in pizza operations, which is why they are sometimes referred to as pizza deck ovens or pizza ovens. But this type of powerful baking equipment has a flexible design that allows you to cook other types of foods.

Commercial deck-type ovens are designed to bake food items to perfection by transferring heat from the deck to the product or sheet pan. There are units that use radiant heat, which involves infrared heat waves that break through the dough for an even cook.

Commercial deck-type ovens operate at much higher temperatures than standard ovens, and since they have higher BTUs than convection ovens, it takes a much shorter time to bake a pizza.

Commercial deck-type ovens are available in a variety of styles and configurations. You can choose from gas and electric models in both countertop and freestanding styles. Countertop units are perfect for small-scale cooking and baking applications such as those that bake pizzas by the slice or small single servings.

For a high-volume bakery or pizza shop, a floor model will be more capable of tending to the crowd during peak hours. These commercial deck-type ovens have a spacious baking chamber with multiple baking decks that can easily accommodate multiple pizzas or loaves of bread at a time to speed up your production.

Each deck is independently controlled and comes in a range of heights so you can use it to cook various sizes of different food products such as a whole chicken and find the right temperature zones for each. For added versatility, these units are also stackable so you can bump up your production without taking up more floor space or buying a separate piece of equipment.

Commercial deck-type ovens feature a stainless steel construction in order to stay sturdy in a commercial kitchen where it will be used all the time. While most units have solid doors, there are models that use glass doors in order to give you an instant view of the contents to better track the cooking progress. Some units have a small glass window so that the insulation properties remain high while still providing visibility.

CKitchen offers a wide array of commercial deck-type ovens from some of the most trusted and recognized names in the food service equipment manufacturing such as Vulcan, Southbend, Lang Manufacturing, Baker's Pride, Garland, and many more.

If you're not sure which of our commercial deck-type ovens is best for your operation, you can always contact us to provide all the assistance you need to make the right purchase.

CKitchen has a team of foodservice consultants dedicated to helping you find the equipment that matches your needs, your space, and your budget for easy, hassle-free shopping. We also offer the lowest guaranteed prices to maximize your savings and your profitability!

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