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Roast, Warm, and Bake Chicken, Turkey, And Other Meats With Roaster Ovens

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    Commercial Roaster Ovens For Convenient Low-Volume Cooking

    Commercial roaster ovens are compact pieces of cooking equipment that can do more than just roast meat, but also bake and warm food as well as stew soups. These units are great for commercial kitchens with no oven space, but has a demand for favorite holiday dinners like turkey,

    Unlike conventional ovens, commercial roaster ovens come with a domed lid to hold moisture inside during cooking. The baking pan is removable and easy to clean while the side handles are usually cool to touch for safe use. Temperature control is typically through knobs at the front panel.

    One of the best commercial roaster ovens in the market today, the Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex, is available here on CKitchen. This top-quality, commercial-grade 18-quart roaster oven cooks and holds food as large as a 24-lb turkey using electrical heating elements.

    Operation is made easier with the temperature controls to create the perfect cooking environment that will deliver the best results and reduce cooking time. The roasting rack is easily removable

    CKitchen also has a wide selection of food service equipment for commercial applications. We have an array of cooking units from ranges, ovens, and fryers, and we also have refrigeration equipment including reach-in, roll-in, and roll-thru refrigerators and freezers, walk-in units, merchandisers, and temperature-controlled display cases. Our team of food service consultants are always at your service if you need any assistance during your shopping.

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