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Foodservice Safety In Light of the Coronavirus Crisis

Foodservice Safety In Light of the Coronavirus Crisis

The threat of COVID-19 has the added risk of not knowing which people are the carrier of the virus. Symptoms don’t show up immediately, and sometimes not at all. So what are some ways you can better safeguard your facility and your people?

Hotels have a number of criteria to consider to get everything just right for their guests. The prime objective is to make their stay as comfortable as possible while providing them with amenities that will bring them back for future visits. Your hotel should be well-equipped with the basic amenities of the hospitality industry to present guests with a warm and welcoming experience. By providing them with essential services and supplies, you can run your high-volume business in an efficient, quick, and easy manner.

Bathroom essentials like toilet paper, towels, and small toiletries are something guests expect when staying at hotels. Attached bathrooms should feature vanity mirrors to help them get dressed. Some hotels also provide extras like hair dryers and air purifiers to make their guests feel at home. Room service is always a good idea to cater to your guests’ needs, so you should make sure that you have basics like room service trays and hotel ice buckets available. You can also spruce up individual rooms with appliances like mini-refrigerators and coffee makers. If you have a laundry set up in your busy hotel, do make sure that laundry bags are available for your guests when they arrive. You will also need essentials like irons, hangers, and coat racks to efficiently run your laundry room. Your service staff will require garbage bags, housekeeping carts, janitorial carts, and cleaning supplies to efficiently manage the cleaning and upkeep of your rooms. If your hotel has a pool, make it appear more appealing with poolside chaise lounges and outdoor umbrellas. A growing number of hotels now offer complimentary continental breakfast, so make sure that you are well equipped with appropriate appliances like coffee makers, bakery cases, and cereal dispensers. With the basics covered and a few extras, your hotel should be a success in no time!