Dinex Ice-Cooled Cold Food Wells

Keep Ingredients and Desserts Chilled Economically With Ice-Cooled Cold Food Wells

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Top-Quality Ice Cooled Cold Food Wells

Ice-cooled food wells are an economical solution for preserving the quality and taste of cold menu items. Designed to maintain the temperature of pre-chilled products, these units are integral components in salad bars, buffets, and chilled beverage bars. Since they do not have a lot of moving parts, ice-cooled food wells offer a degree of portability that makes them versatile than refrigerated units. There are ice-cooled drop-in food wells that are designed to be fitted into a hole on your countertop, creating a sleek flush design perfect for both self-service and full-service use.

These food wells do not require electricity to hold food at desired serving temperatures and instead are loaded with ice where the cold food pans will be placed to cool. The food wells are insulated so that the ice retains its cooling effect for longer periods before it needs to be replaced with a new batch.

Ice-cooled food wells have a durable stainless steel top and are available in a wide range of pan capacity with single or multiple compartments that are sized for full-size hotel 12 x 20 pans. There are units that come with a large food well that you can customize to your food holding needs with pan dividers. There are drop-in ice-cooled cold food well units designed for placement inside a cutout on your countertop or other surfaces. They are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, but also very easy to clean and maintain.

Ice cooled cold food wells are a great option for small needs or setting up in a location with no electrical connections available. You can chill various products from fruits and vegetables to desserts and salad bar ingredients. There are curved styles and slim designs that enhance the presentation of the food.

We have a great selection of ice-cooled cold food well units from some of the best manufacturers in the business, all with high-quality construction to last many years. If you are looking for a drop-in refrigerated food well or a frost top serving counter, you are sure to find a great fit from our extensive line as well. We also have a stellar line of ice machines that you can use to produce ice daily to use with your ice-cooled cold food well.

CKitchen is home to a comprehensive line of restaurant equipment and supplies. Our prices are the lowest guaranteed in the market and we also offer free shipping so you can outfit your operation with only the finest pieces of equipment the industry has to offer without breaking the bank. We also have a team of competent foodservice equipment consultants that you can call or email for assistance or any inquiries.

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