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Maintain Quality and Safety of Milk With Commercial Milk Coolers

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Commercial Milk Coolers: Convenient, Safe Milk Storage

Although they’re most commonly used in school cafeterias and healthcare environments (they are sometimes called school milk coolers), commercial milk coolers are also a great choice for any self-serve, convenience, or grab-and-go foodservice establishment.

Also known as commercial milk dispensers, these units keep milk cool and fresh all day, so you don’t risk spoilage and product waste. The reason why many people prefer purpose-built commercial milk coolers over standard refrigerators is that they are specially designed to serve and store dozens of cartons of milk directly from the crate or shipping carton. This means that you can load up the milk to the cooler with no unpacking required.

Commercial milk coolers come in several heights to accommodate all ages and heights of users. They can support multiple crates of milk at a time. There are units with racks lined at the base of their aluminum interior where individual cartons can be arranged. A stainless steel door can be folded up and down for access.

Since they are used primarily in schools, milk coolers need to be built to stand up to the daily rigors of daily use while also maintaining cooling performance to ensure that they can serve every student in line for a cold carton of milk. Our commercial milk coolers are constructed with stainless steel, making them extremely durable and corrosion-resistant for long service life.

We have milk coolers for sale in our selection that are equipped with heavy-duty, built-in casters so that you can easily roll the unit wherever you want to dole out fresh milk. These are a prime choice for schools that want to have the ability to easily move the unit to the kitchen at the end of lunch or for nursing homes and healthcare environments where in-room delivery is required.

The Perfect Commercial Milk Coolers For Your Needs

You’ll find a commercial milk dispenser here that’s tailor-made to your customers, needs, and budget. You can opt for a small, rolling milk cooler for serving smaller groups or a two-sided style that can service two lines simultaneously. We have a wide selection from top brands like Beverage-AirMaster-BiltTraulsen, True Manufacturing, and more for you to choose from.

For storing large amounts of milk in your grocery store, convenience store, school, university, or any other environment with a higher amount of traffic, make sure to consider our quick-ship walk-in coolers that can accommodate large volumes of milk and other beverages.

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