Master-Bilt Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

Purpose-built for Streamlined Workflow, Convenience, and Space Savings

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Sandwich and salad prep tables reduce ticket times by putting everything you need to make a scrumptious club sandwich or a healthy garden salad within arms reach in a streamlined, space-saving package. 

These cabinets come with sturdy purpose-built work surfaces complete with cutting boards making it convenient to work on salads or sandwiches. Refrigerated bunkers hold all the prepared ingredients you need fresh and ready for quick access. Additional storage is provided in reach-in sections, drawers or a combination of the two to best fit your requirements. Prep tables often come with casters making them easy to move to where they’re needed or just to pull them out for cleaning and maintenance.

Whether you need a small unit to cater to the few sandwiches and salads on your menu or you need a large unit to produce hoagies at an industrial scale, there’s a sandwich and salad prep table to fit your needs. CKitchen carries the industry’s leading brands including (but not limited to) Admiral Craft, Arctic Air,  Beverage-Air, Nor-Lake, Victory Refrigeration, Delfield, Hoshizaki, Master-Bilt, and Turbo Air. All these manufacturers are constantly competing and innovating to deliver the best products at the various price points with the features different commercial kitchens need. 

With so many models to choose from, there’s at least one that has the features you need, in a size that fits, and at a price that gets you the most bang for your buck. On the other hand with all these options you might feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. If you need help choosing, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable foodservice consultants that can lay out your options and get you the best deal.

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