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Electric Convection Oven Proofers

Proof, Bake, And Hold Food At Ideal Temperatures With An Electric Convection Oven Proofers

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    Electric Proofer Convection Oven: Two Functionalities In One

    A convection electric proofer oven offers the space-saving convenience of proofing and baking dough in a powerful, single-footprint piece of commercial equipment.

    Proofing is an important process in a bakery, whatever the production level you have, as it directly affects the flavor and texture of the dough. In a commercial kitchen where volume and productivity are crucial, an electric proofer oven is essential to achieving the level of quality you want to deliver with less effort.

    When shopping for a bakery oven for your kitchen, consider an electric proofer oven for proofing and baking dough in one convenient and powerful unit. A proofer oven eases a bakery’s daily operations by providing the ideal environment for your dough to rise properly. It introduces humidity using a steam injection system or a water pan. This provides the moisture the dough needs to prevent it from drying out. The oven section of an electric proofer oven may be standard or convection. An electric proofer oven will be great to have in a commercial kitchen along with countertop convection ovens.

    Overproofing or underproofing your dough could result in inferior bread as the appearance and taste will be severely affected. With an electric proofer oven, you can simply program in the right temperature for your baked goods and you’re good to go! Imagine what you can do with an electric proofer oven in your kitchen! For a more versatile back-of-the-house cooking operations, you can also add a Panasonic commercial microwave.

    Electric proofer ovens come with one or two decks, with full-size sheet pans capacities commonly at eight (8) or 16 per deck. Typically, CKitchen offers a rich selection that boasts features like touch controls and pre-programmed cooking modes to further simplify your operation. The doors on our electric proofer ovens are tempered glass so that you can immediately check the progress as needed. For high-volume cooking, you can accelerate the baking and cooking proceedings in your bakery or restaurant with a high speed oven.

    Also check out Waring, and Amana if you're in the market for commercial cooking equipment and food prep equipment, and everything else you need for your business. You can also shop for an electric proofer cabinet if you want to simply proof dough. Electric combination ovens with added steam cooking functionality are also available on the website to suit the needs of a varied menu.  

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