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Fryer Oil Transporters

Cleaner, Safer, Faster: Cutting-Edge Fryer Oil Transporters for Your Commercial Kitchen

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Copper Beech CBOD-50 Fryer Oil Disposal Unit  mobile
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Copper Beech CBOD-100 Fryer Oil Disposal Unit  mobile
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Dean Industries PSDU50 Shortening Disposal Unit
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Frymaster PSDU50 Shortening Disposal Unit
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Dean Industries PSDU100 Shortening Disposal Unit
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Frymaster PSDU100 Shortening Disposal Unit
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FMP 840-3050 Shuttle
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Popular Brands for Fryer Oil Transporters

Frymaster Pitco Dean FMP MIROIL FILTER DIVISON Admiral Craft Copper Beech
Pitco D9109105 Fat Vat  safe oil transport system holds 40 lb. (5.3 gallons)
Your Price$2,056.32
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    Fryer oil transporters are an essential tool for any commercial kitchen that uses fryers. These machines offer numerous benefits that can save time, money, and reduce waste.

    First and foremost, fryer oil transporters simplify the oil changing process. Traditionally, oil changes have been a messy and time-consuming task that requires employees to manually drain and transport hot oil. With fryer oil transporters, employees can quickly and easily drain the oil directly into the machine and transport it to a designated collection area. This process eliminates the need for heavy lifting, reduces the risk of spills and burns, and saves time.

    Another significant benefit of fryer oil transporters is their ability to extend the life of fryer oil. The machines are designed to filter the oil, removing any debris or impurities that can contribute to oil breakdown. This means that the oil stays fresher for longer, reducing the need for frequent oil changes and ultimately saving money.

    Additionally, fryer oil transporters can improve the overall cleanliness and safety of the kitchen. By eliminating the need for manual oil transportation, the risk of oil spills and accidents is greatly reduced. The machines are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a safe and hygienic kitchen environment.

    Fryer oil transporters are specialized machines used in the food industry to safely and efficiently transfer used cooking oil from fryers to storage containers. These machines are designed to handle the heavy and hot oil with ease, reducing the risk of injury and spillage that can occur when manually handling the oil. Fryer oil transporters come in different sizes and configurations to suit the needs of various food establishments, from small cafes to large fast-food chains. With their ability to streamline the oil handling process, these machines have become an essential component of modern food service operations.

    Fryer oil transporters offer a cost-effective solution for managing fryer oil, while also improving employee safety and kitchen hygiene. For any commercial kitchen that uses fryers, investing in a fryer oil transporter is a smart and practical choice.

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