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Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging Machine

We have all been aware for some time of the benefits of using a vacuum sealer at home - but many are unaware of how this translates to a restaurant setting. More so than just a new way to cook dishes, the addition of a vacuum packaging machine can improve your restaurant food’s longevity, quality, and taste! Here are a few benefits of vacuum packaging for your restaurant. 

-Reduction of Spoilage: Perhaps one of the most well-known benefits to vacuum packaging is the prevention of undue spoilage. Since spoilage impacts, a business’ bottom line, any reduction of it is obviously beneficial! With vacuum packaging materials and machines being extremely affordable compared to the cost of undue spoilage, adding these tools to your restaurant should be an easy choice.

-Buy in Bulk, Store in Small Portions: Not only does this reduce spoilage, but a restaurant can purchase items such as meats in larger quantities and butchering the cuts themselves, freezing it in smaller portions for later use. By purchasing larger items and investing in the cost of manpower to separate, vacuum seal, and freeze it themselves, restaurants can save money in the long run.

-Fresh-freeze samples: Bakeries and caterers are constantly conducting tasting sessions to potential customers with large events. By making large batches of their products ahead of time and freezing individual portions of these fresh samples, these restaurants are saving time and more effectively utilizing their preparation and cooking hours.

-Other Uses: Alas, we come to the more active aspect to the benefits of vacuum packaging. Here are some other ways that chefs are using vacuum packaging to enhance their menus:

  • Sous Vide: Translating as ‘under vacuum’, this method of cooking utilizes airtight plastic bags containing most-usually meats to slow poach the items at temperatures that are too low for simmering. The method involves seasoning and marinating the food item to be cooked and vacuum packaging it. Hours ahead of when the food is to be served, a chef should put the entire vacuum-sealed product in a water bath to stew for several hours (time will vary depending on the item being cooked). Once the item has been cooked (or mostly cooked), it can be seared quickly to finish it off! Vegetables can be cooked sous vide as well, albeit at a shorter time. Because the item is vacuum-sealed, no nutrients, flavors, or fats escape. The results are a more pungent and richer item!

  • Mason Jar Canning: Many are now using vacuum packaging to help with their canning efforts! From pickling produce to creating sealed sauces, vacuum seals are essential.

With the many benefits of vacuum packaging - reduction of spoilage, allowance of bulk purchases without waste, freezing small samples, and the revolutionary method of cooking Sous Vide - it is an essential part of any restaurant! The investment is in the vacuum packaging machine and the bags for the food items themselves. The savings will reflect in your bottom line! And with another innovative addition to your menu like sous vide, your restaurant has the ability to provide yet another reason for your customers to keep returning.

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