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Odd Combinations Of Food Can Invite Delicious Results

Odd Combinations Of Food Can Invite Delicious Results

History is filled with strange combinations of food that have turned out to be quite appetizing. Ketchup and eggs, bacon and chocolate and even peanut butter and mayo sandwiches are eaten on a regular basis. Culinary institutions should experiment with unique ingredients to provide innovative food to their customers, and restaurant equipment may be used to help achieve this goal.

An odd combination of food often results in increased business as customers are dared to sample an out-of-the-ordinary meal. For example, Taco Bell recently announced that some of its tacos would be created with a shell made out of Doritos. This joining was surprising enough to make tons of patrons forget about the heart-stopping qualities of fast food, and many diners have been leaving the restaurant with bellies full of nacho cheese.

Restaurant equipment like the Range may be used to prepare interesting dishes. Food can be grilled on the exterior cooking surface or baked in the oven and range that is located directly underneath the griddle. This way, if a certain meal obtains cult status, chefs will be able to satisfy customers quickly and efficiently with significant amounts of hot food.


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