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Commercial Toasters

Commercial Toasters offers a line of commercial toasters from small kitchen equipment manufacturers Hobart, Merco Savory, and Waring. Hobart features a line of toasters with standard 4-slice models with the option to customize. Hobart’s 4-slice commercial toasters have a 290 slices per hour capacity. Two- slice models have a 145-slices per hour capacity. Merco Savory offers a line of electric conveyor toasters for breads and buns. All units are constructed with stainless steel. Performance capacity ranges from 480-1000 units per hour. Waring features the largest line of commercial toaster products. Slice capacity ranges between 2 and 4 at a time and 300 or 380 slices per hour. Purchase a commercial toaster product from today from one of our leading small kitchen equipment and restaurant equipment manufacturers for the lowest prices in the food service industry. Product and customer compatibility is important to us. Give us call and one of our qualified commercial food service equipment consultants will assist you in choosing the right commercial toasters, conveyor toasters or other kitchen appliances and making the right product purchase to fit your needs.

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