Frymaster FPH155 High Efficiency Fryer

Made in USA
Frymaster FPH155 High Efficiency Fryer
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The FPH155 gas floor fryer delivers high-efficiency frying performance with its 50 lb. frypot and an innovative heat transfer system. The frypot with easy-to-clean open-pot design has an 80,000 Btu/hr input and a 14"x 15" x 4-1/2" frying area with two (2) twin baskets. This is a unit that meets ENERGY STAR guidelines and engineered to save you thousands of dollars every year on energy costs! The stainless steel door and enamel cabinet create a long-lasting fryer that won’t falter in heavy use.

Infrared burners achieve excellent heat transfer. Plus, with the help of a sophisticated blower system, this fryer will get you through any gas applications and challenging environments.

The CM3.5 controller on this unit brings programmability literally at your fingertips. Cook time is automatically adjusted based on load size while an automatic melt cycle mode and boil-out temperature control are both at your disposal. A deep cold zone catches and removes sediment through the 1-1/4" IPS full-port ball-type drain valve. Its forward-sloping bottom helps with fully flushing residue from the frypot to avoid oil contamination.

The FPH155 gas fryer uses an electric ignition and a reliably accurate RTD 1 compensating temperature probe mounted on the center. There is a built-in filtration system within the fryer battery so no extra space is taken up.

FIltering takes no longer than four (4) minutes and with a gravity draining system that keeps drain lines open, no residual oil will escape. The stainless steel filter pan slides out so you won’t have trouble retrieving it even if you have uneven floors. With filtration made faster and easier, you can perform it more frequently and in turn, stay on top of your fryer oil health with less effort. This will be especially useful for businesses that cook with trans-fat free oils. 

The FPH155 gas fryer is NSF-certified. It comes standard with a rack-type basket support and basket hanger.

High Efficiency Fryer, gas, floor model, 50 lb. capacity, built-in filtration, open frypot design, automatic melt cycle, boil-out temp control, electronic ignition, center mounted RTD, 1 compensating temperature probe, includes: rack-type basket support, basket hanger & twin baskets, stainless steel frypot & door, enamel cabinet, 80,000 BTU, NSF, ENERGY STAR, Enerlogic

Fryer Standard Features:
  • Casters
  • Rear oil flush
  • Built-in filtration
  • Electronic ignition
  • Digital controller(s)
  • Drain safety switch
  • Two twin baskets per frypot
  • Gas connection - see chart on back
  • Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet
  • Open-pot design(split or full) is easy to clean
  • Infrared burners ensure state-of-the-art heat transfer
  • Automatic melt cycle and boil-out temperature control
  • Center-mounted, RTD, 1° compensating temperature probe
Filter Standard Features:
  • Filter starter kit
  • 4 GPM (15 LPM) pump
  • Stainless steel crumb catcher
  • Filters up to 6 fryers in one battery
  • Large 3” (8.0 cm) round drain line allows oil to drain freely
  • Filter pan designed on rails to clear floormats for easy cleaning
  • Sloped drain pan leaves minimal residue oil behind after filtering
  • Filter cycle is complete from start to finish in less than 5 minutes, while other frypots in the system are in use
  • Space-saving filter which fits inside fryer cabinet housing two full or qualifying split frypots in two left most cabinets of the battery.
Options & Accessories
  • Full basket
  • Triplet basket
  • Frypot cover(s)
  • Sediment tray(s)
  • Chicken/Fish tray
  • Foam deck basket banger
  • Basket lifts (except Australia)
  • CM3.5 or SMART4U® 3000 controllers
  • Spreader cabinet(s) - must fit within a 6-cabinet fryer battery
  • External oil discharge - available on built-in filter batteries with 2 or more frypots
Curb note
Split frypot
External oil discharge options
Start-up program
Fryer accessories
Gas types
Spreader cabinet
Extended warranty
Standard warranty
Mounting options
BTU 80,000 BTU
Energy_EfficiencyEnergy Star
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star
Made inUSA
Width (in)15.63
Height (in)45.63
Depth (in)29.63
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Frymaster FPH155 High Efficiency Fryer
FPH155 High Efficiency Fryer
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