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Frymaster FPLHD265 (2) 100 lb. Frypots Gas Floor Fryer with SMART4U 3000 Controls and Built-In Filtration System, 120 Volts - 105,000 BTU

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Frymaster FPLHD265 Specifications

BTU 105,000 BTU
Filtration SystemBuilt-In Filtration System
Control TypeSMART4U 3000
CabinetStainless Steel
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Star
Made inUSA
Capacity(2) 100 lb. Frypots
Voltage120 Volts
Width (in)40
Height (in)43
Depth (in)36.25

Frymaster FPLHD265 Certifications



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Frymaster FPLHD265 Description

Frymaster® Fryer Battery, gas, (2) 100 lb. capacity each, built-in filtration, low flue temperature, thermo tube-type design, full frypots, electronic ignition, includes: filter starter kit, basket support racks, basket hangers with flue deflector, 11" plate shelf, drain safety switch, 8 GPM pump, stainless steel frypot, door, front & sides, casters, (2) 105,000 BTU, NSF, CSA, ENERGY STAR®, Enerlogic®

If you are looking for a commercial deep fryer that can help you cook up to 200 lbs. of high-sediment and heavily breaded menu items every day, the Frymaster FPLHD265 gas multiple-battery fryer is the piece of equipment you need. This unit has two (2) 100-lb stainless steel full frypots with an 18" x 18" x 5.75" frying area operating at 105,000 BTU per hour. 

The Thermo-Tube design with 6" diameter tubes instead of 4" makes sure much of the frying surface is heated efficiently for maximum production. This unit has an electric ignition and low flue temperature no greater than 550°F so that it heats up and recovers blazingly fast and in turn lowers standby energy and gas consumption!

Cooking food in large amounts is easy as pushing buttons with the SMART4U 3000 Controller that comes with 20 programmable buttons! It also adjusts cook time based on load size and lets you know via an audible alarm when a cook cycle is complete. You can even set five different temperatures in a single cook to get the food to the quality your customers will appreciate. An 11" plate shelf with marine edge is also at your disposal for preparing the cooked food.

A wide cold zone keeps sediment off the frying area to avoid sullying the oil and the taste of the fried food. A filtration system on the batteries is a true labor-saver with its 8 GPM filter pump to make the process quicker and easier. This makes frequent filtering possible, translating to improved oil life! A drain safety switch is included to avoid any accidents.

The Frymaster FPLHD265 gas fryer is an Enerlogic product with a stainless steel door, front, and sides for excellent durability. This unit is also NSF and CSA-certified for assured quality and safety. It comes standard with a filter starter kit, basket support racks, and basket hangers with flue deflector.

Complete your cooking stations with our high-quality commercial deep Commercial Deep Fryers and cooking equipment!

Standard Features:
  • Casters
  • Basket rack(s)
  • Wide cold zone
  • Two dual baskets
  • Electronic ignition
  • 8 GPM filter pump
  • Drain safety switch
  • 100-lb (50-liter) oil capacity
  • Thermo-Tube frypot design
  • SMART4U® 3000 controller
  • Heat tape wrapped filter lines
  • Frying area: 18” x 18” x 5-3/4”
  • Built-in filtration (batteries only)
  • 11” plate shelf with marine edge
  • Basket hanger(s) with flue deflector
  • Drain flush, 1-1/2” drain valve, 3” drain
  • Low flue temperature (<550°F/287°C)
  • Stainless steel frypot, door, front and sides
  • 105,000 Btu/hr. (26,448 kcal/hr) (30.8 kw/hr.)
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified. Eligible for energy-saving rebates.
Options & Accessories
  • Full basket
  • Dual basket
  • Frypot cover
  • Triplet basket
  • Splash shield
  • Flue deflector
  • Sediment tray
  • Rear discharge
  • L-shaped basket rack
  • Thermatron controller
  • FPLHD565 models only
  • Screen type basket rack
  • Front discharge with 5’ wand
  • Basket hanger with flue deflector
  • One-piece manifold with tee - located behind second frypot from left for
Recommended Standard Accessory Packages
  • Standard Frying
    • Dual size baskets (8030304)
    • Basket support rack(s) (8102235)
    • Basket hanger with flue deflector(s) (8235859)
  • Bone-in Chicken
    • Flue deflector(s) (8235801)
    • Full size basket(s) (8030148)
    • L-Basket support rack(s) (8103066)
  • Recommended standard accessories can be ordered per frypot. Example: HD265 - one standard frying package and one bone-in chicken package.

Options for Frymaster FPLHD265

Start-up program
External oil discharge options
Rear gas manifold
Gas types
Standard warranty
What is included
  • Manufacturer's note: Note: Prices listed are for within the USA only. Please contact the factory for pricing if quoting outside of the USA
  • Curb note: NOTE: Gas fryers CANNOT be curb mounted

Frymaster FPLHD265 Accessories

Frymaster 8030002 Filter Powder 8030002
Frymaster 8030293 Gloves 8030293
Frymaster 8233696 Sediment Scoop 8233696
Frymaster 8030289 Filter Paper 8030289
Frymaster 8030304 Fry Basket 8030304
Frymaster 8030427 Fry Basket 8030427
Frymaster 8030148 Basket 8030148
Frymaster 8235859 Basket Hanger 8235859
Frymaster 8102235 Basket Support Rack 8102235
Frymaster 8030149 Basket Support Rack 8030149
Frymaster 8030429 Brush 8030429
Frymaster 8030278 Brush 8030278
Frymaster 1062897 Frypot Cover 1062897
Frymaster 8235801 Flue Deflector 8235801
Frymaster 8103066 L-Basket Support Rack 8103066
Frymaster 1062631 Sediment Tray 1062631
Frymaster 8235789 Splash Shield (HD65G 8235789

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Frymaster FPLHD265 (2) 100 lb. Frypots Gas Floor Fryer with SMART4U 3000 Controls and Built-In Filtration System, 120 Volts - 105,000 BTU
FPLHD265 (2) 100 lb. Frypots Gas Floor Fryer with SMART4U 3000 Controls and Built-In Filtration System, 120 Volts - 105,000 BTU