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Avoid Product Spoilage And Quickly Chill Products With Countertop Blast Chillers

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Countertop Blast Chillers: Food Products At Their Finest

Having the ability to chill food during prep with rapid cooling technology can speed up your operation and protect your inventory. So it is no wonder that blast chillers are a truly valuable addition to your food service establishment. And with a countertop configuration, you don’t have to have a lot of floor space to reap its benefits.

Blast chillers rapidly cool products by blowing forced air into them. This is an effective way to minimize the development of ice crystals and bacteria that can degrade the quality of the food. By blast chilling your food, you are able to seal in its original flavor and freshness, ultimately prolonging shelf life without losing quality.

Depending on the food, countertop blast chillers can bring the temperature down in as little as an hour and a half. The fewer the ice crystals that form, the fresher the food product.

Countertop blast chillers have a relatively small footprint so they can easily fit into an existing setup with no hassle. A countertop blast chiller can support a small operation or can be a supplemental unit to a larger operation. Countertop blast chillers accommodate pans and typically have three shelves that each fit one pan.

Countertop blast chillers are used in most ice cream operations. But since they have both rapid chilling and freezing capability, these blast chiller freezer units can be especially helpful in restaurants and other foodservice establishments that need to bring both uncooked and cooked foods to lower temperatures fast. These units are versatile as they have a chilling and a freezing cycle to suit your needs.

CKitchen has an array of countertop blast chillers from trusted names like Beverage Air and Piper. These units are constructed with stainless steel so that routine cleaning will be less demanding. Additionally, stainless steel is known to effectively resist corrosion, which means the unit stays as sleek and powerful as it was in day one even with light cleaning to boot.

If you are looking for other refrigeration equipment, CKitchen has a wide selection that will surely fit your needs.

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