Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators

Space-Saving Undercounter Refrigerators

If you’re designing or remodeling a small commercial kitchen, a food truck or bustling bar, there’s no better solution than an undercounter refrigerator. These small but smart units tuck neatly under your countertop so that you don’t have to accommodate for a large footprint on the main floor. Although they’re perfect for small and challenging spaces, they can also be used as secondary units at the bar, cafeteria, deli or anywhere you want to be able to quickly access food and drinks. We also have undercounter wine coolers and freezers here.

Our store offers the perfect commercial undercounter refrigerator for your needs. Some of our more popular models are small, single-compartment units or styles with pull-out drawers for smaller items such as milk, fruit, cream and prepared garnishes. However, we also have large undercounter refrigerators with as many as four compartments that can be used under the entire length of your counter or bar.

Generally, our undercounter refrigerators are counter-height — usually 34.5” tall — but we can help you find non-standard sizes as well, whether you’re looking for a 33” or 36” undercounter refrigerator for your space. These options come in many different lengths for your custom configuration.

Undercounter Freezers for Easy Access to Frozen Foods

In our selection, you’ll also find undercounter freezers and refrigerator/freezer units. The styles on this page typically have refrigerators built into one side, but you’ll find a wide variety of freezer-only units in our selection of undercounter freezers.

As your one-stop commercial refrigerator retail expert, CKitchen is always on hand to help you buy or lease restaurant refrigerators that suit your space. We’re experts in commercial refrigeration and are happy to provide products by Arctic Air, Beverage Air, Delfield, Maxx Cold, Master Bilt and more.

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  • SKU # UHT60LR-0300-SB
  • FINANCE FOR: $89.06/mo.
  • Price: $3,607.56

  • SKU # UHT60-LR-SB
  • FINANCE FOR: $89.06/mo.
  • Price: $3,607.56

  • SKU # UHT60RR-0300
  • FINANCE FOR: $78.90/mo.
  • Price: $3,196.08

  • SKU # UHT60RR-0300-SB
  • FINANCE FOR: $89.06/mo.
  • Price: $3,607.56

  • SKU # UHT72LL-0300
  • FINANCE FOR: $92.65/mo.
  • Price: $3,753.36

  • SKU # UHT72LL-0300-SB
  • FINANCE FOR: $104.83/mo.
  • Price: $4,247.28

  • SKU # UHT72RR-0300
  • FINANCE FOR: $92.65/mo.
  • Price: $3,753.36

  • SKU # UHT72RR-0300-SB
  • FINANCE FOR: $104.83/mo.
  • Price: $4,247.28

  • SKU # VUR46
  • FINANCE FOR: $82.86/mo.

  • SKU # VURD119-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $236.77/mo.

  • SKU # VURD119-8
  • FINANCE FOR: $264.76/mo.

  • SKU # VURD60-4
  • FINANCE FOR: $135.31/mo.

  • SKU # VURD60HC-2
  • FINANCE FOR: $110.10/mo.

  • SKU # VURD67-4
  • FINANCE FOR: $159.46/mo.

  • SKU # VURD72-4
  • FINANCE FOR: $153.09/mo.

  • SKU # VURD72-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $180.98/mo.

  • SKU # VURD72HC-2
  • FINANCE FOR: $125.75/mo.

  • SKU # VURD93-2
  • FINANCE FOR: $157.70/mo.

  • SKU # VURD93-4
  • FINANCE FOR: $188.07/mo.

  • SKU # VURD93-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $217.02/mo.



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