Broilers and Salamanders

Make your commercial kitchen extra-efficient with commercial broilers and salamanders from CKitchen. The commercial broiler is an excellent way to broil or brown seafood, steaks, casseroles and a wide range of other foods in a bustling restaurant environment, and can be used for quick finishing applications. CKitchen specializes in offering the best broilers and salamanders for demanding commercial kitchens, with styles by top brands like Adcraft, Bakers Pride, Garland, Hartco, Imperial, Turbo Air, Vulcan and Wolf. The best part is, we always offer fast shipping and the best prices.

How do you get the perfect broiler? Commercial kitchen design and needs will help determine which broiler is best-suited for your application. When we talk about commercial broilers, we’re often talking about charbroilers. These broilers are an awesome choice for restaurants that want to cook classic steaks and seafood with grill marks. We also have deck-type broilers that are excellent for high-volume production, as well as countertop broilers that can be used to heat and finish foods. All of these broilers come in various sizes to perfectly suit your commercial kitchen. Our selection can be easily narrowed down by gas broilers and electric broilers.

Looking for something unique to add to your commercial food equipment? Salamander broilers are an awesome choice. A salamander kitchen appliance is different from a commercial steak broiler because it is typically placed on a countertop or over a range rather than inside the oven. This means it offers higher heat capabilities, which makes it ideal for searing, melting, broiling and more. With a salamander broiler, steak and other meats come out perfectly every time! They’re also more convenient because they don’t take up much-needed oven space for finishing applications. CKitchen can help you decide which style is best for your kitchen.

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