Any order going to Houston TX or anywhere in Florida will get a 10% discount.
This discount was set up to assist those hurricane victims that lost equipment and need to replace them.

Water Filters Filter Replacement Cartridges

System Part number Replacement Pre Filter Repalcement Cartridge
Coffee QL2-OCS EV927560 EV961802
QL3-BH EV927200 EV961250
2FC-S EV969176 EV969176
Esspresso QC7I SINGLE EV927241 + EV960725 EV960725
QC7I TWIN EV927222 + (2) EV960725 (2) EV960725
QC7I TRIPLE EV927223 + (3) EV960725 (3) EV960725
Fountian Beverage Coldrink 1 MC EV932801 EV953426 EV961256
Coldrink 2 MC EV932802 EV953426 (2) EV961256
Coldrink 3 MC EV932803 EV953426 (3) EV961256
Ice Filtration Insurice Single EV932401 EV961222
Insurice Double EV932402 (2) EV961222
Insurice Triple EV932503 (3) EV961222
Insurice Quad EV932504 (4) EV961222
Scale Reduction SRX EV979845 979902
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