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Crescent Ice Maker

Keep Drinks Cold And Refreshing For Longer With Commercial Crescent Cube Ice Makers

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Hoshizaki Blue Air Maxx Cold


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    Commercial Crescent Cube Maker For A Fresh Operation

    Crescent ice comes in the shape of a half-moon, with one side curved and the other flat. Crescent ice is solid and clear, so it slow-melting and longer-lasting. Not only is it tremendously refreshing; it also looks good from a glass, enhancing the visual experience for your customers. This makes it perfect for both soft drinks, cocktails, and other mixed beverages.

    This type of ice displaces liquid excellently, so not a lot of liquid is needed to fill the glass. It won't even splash the drinks when poured to minimize mess during operation. With a commercial crescent ice machine, you can provide more value in your customer service.

    The crescent ice maker is designed to produce a steady supply of this unique type of ice daily, with various styles and configurations to suit every scale of production. Compact machines are great for minimal needs, with units that can produce as low as 25 lbs of crescent ice per day.

    There are also undercounter ice machines and modular ice machine heads able to support medium to large demands. Whether you need 100 lbs of clear, fresh crescent ice a day or require more than 2,000 lbs of day in day out, we have a crescent cube ice machine for you.

    Most ice makers are made of stainless steel to stand up to the daily rigors of heavy use and protect the equipment for longer service life. Consider adding a premium water filtration system not just to ensure that you produce clean, fresh ice, but also to protect your equipment from minerals and contaminants in the water that can degrade its build.

    They can be air-cooled or water-cooled. Air-cooled crescent ice machines are the easiest to install, but they require additional clearance in order to properly breathe. Ambient temperatures play a role in the production capacity of air-cooled ice makers, so it is important to keep your facility properly ventilated for maximum performance. Overall, these units are highly economical and suitable for most locations.

    Water-cooled commercial ice machines, on the other hand, can increase your water consumption, but they keep your kitchen cooler and quieter. These units are great for operations in hotter environments or a high level of airborne contaminants is a major issue.

    CKitchen is home to one of the finest commercial ice makers from top brands. Our crescent ice makers come from big names like Hoshizaki and Maxx Cold, packed with special features that make ice-making easier than ever. Many of our commercial crescent cube ice makers are also Energy Star-certified, which means they offer superb energy efficiency and cooling performance so you can save more and minimize your environmental footprint.

    If you are not sure which of our commercial ice machines is best for your business, you can always contact us, and we'll be more than happy to provide the assistance you need in order to find the right unit for you.

    We also have other types of ice machines that can make full-sizehalf-size, regular size, and oversized ice cubes as well as flake ice, nugget ice, bullet-shaped ice, and gourmet ice. We have ice dispensers and water dispensers, or a combination of both. Whatever your ice production calls for, CKitchen got you covered.

    If you're looking for other commercial equipment for your foodservice business, we have thousands of products you can browse on the website. From ranges, fryers, and ovens to reach-in refrigerators and ice machines, CKitchen is your one-stop-shop for building a commercial kitchen that's complete, productive, and efficient.


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