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Store Large Quantities of Perishables For Optimal Freshness With Commercial Indoor Walk-In Coolers

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Extend Supply Shelf Life and Maximize Profitability With An Indoor Walk In Cooler

Your foodservice business requires plenty of fresh ingredients to produce delicious, high-quality meals and in order to prevent your bulk inventory from spoilage, an indoor walk in cooler is a must. This is a type of walk in cooler that provides a way for you to store and preserve large quantities of ingredients at the same time in ideal temperatures (between 35-41°F). Since the indoor walk in cooler is situated inside your facility, everything is just a few steps away and theft or tampering will be much easier to prevent. If you need a large area for both cold and frozen storage, you may want to consider our line of walk in combination boxes to better suit your needs.

Commercial indoor storage units like an indoor walk in cooler are less expensive upfront and are much easier to manage and maintain. You can select pre-fabricated units with set sizes perfect for your kitchen space. If you have a concrete floor, a floorless indoor walk in cooler will be an excellent fit. Indoor walk in cooler commercial refrigerator units with textured aluminum flooring are also available on CKitchen. For extra safety and energy efficiency, our indoor walk in coolers come with inside safety release and self-closing doors. 

We have quick-ship units that will be delivered within five days and can be field assembled with little installation required! If you are looking for a walk in freezer instead, we also have a huge selection you can browse. To fully maximize your indoor walk in cooler, equip yours with the proper walk-in refrigeration equipment and supplies that you can also find here on our website.

Apart from a walk in cooler, commercial refrigerator units are also available from top brands like Turbo Air.
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