Dean Industries Floor Model Electric Fryers

Cook Up Baskets of Fries,Onion Rings, And Other Fried Favorites With Floor Model Electric Fryers

Dean Industries Dean SR114E Super Runner Value Fryer
Dean Industries Dean SR114E Super Runner Value Fryer
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Floor Electric Fryers: Dependable Frying Companions

Fried foods are some of the most popular menu items on the menu and with electric floor fryers, you can always treat your customers to flavorful fried offerings that they crave for.

Floor electric fryers are great for high-volume operations because they have larger capacities compared to countertop units. There are three (3) types you can choose from based on what matters most for your operation.

There is the open pot style where the heating elements are placed outside the tank so that you can maximize the space for cooking. Open pot floor electric fryers are excellent companion when cooking fries. There are also tube type models that feature pipes inside the pot where is introduced. For more delicate menu items like fish, shallow square flat bottom fryers are more ideal.

Floor model electric fryers come in different sizes determined by the maximum volume of cooking oil all tanks or vats can support. There are units with up to four (4) fry pots, which is perfect for those that do a lot of frying day in day out or have different types of friend food to cook.

Electric deep fryers are built with stainless steel to stand up to the stress of daily use. Models with built-in drawers are deemed to be safer and simpler to operate. The base typically houses a filtration system to provide you a more convenient and space-saving solution in keeping fryer oil in its highest quality.

Over the years, fryers have received a litany upgrades as the industry looks for ways to improve fry cooking experience and results. Globally acclaimed manufacturers like BKIFrymasterGarland/US RangePitcoVulcan, and Wells all have contributed to the advancement of fry cooking, and we at CKitchen are happy to be trusted distributor of their floor model electric fryers.

There are units with electronic controls that tells you when precook time is up. Some floor model electric fryers save more labor using automatic lifts that raise the fry baskets when the food is ready without the need for manual intervention. Some units even have a self-cleaning system with the ability to perform daily preventative maintenance to maintain peak performance. There are also innovations introduced to make fry cooking more energy-efficient.

If you're not sure which unit is best for your operation, don't hesitate to contact us so we can provide the assistance you need and help you make the right purchase that suits your needs, your space, and your budget. If you're looking for gas fryers, we also have a collection you can choose from.


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