Firex Electric Tilting Skillet Braising Pans

Electric Tilting Skillets and Braising Pans Are Versatile Cooking Units That Are Easy To Set Up

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The Best Electric Tilting Skillets and Braising Pans

An electric tilting skillet, which is also referred to as a braising pan, is a powerful piece of kitchen equipment fit for commercial cooking needs. With so much versatility packed in a single-footprint piece of equipment, you can significantly speed up food prep, maintain consistency, and overall make your food service operation more energy efficient.

These units can pan-fry chicken, fish, and donut, simmer soups, stews, and chili, boil pasta, bake and roast meats, braise and brown foods, cook bacon, burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast favorites like eggs, and even steam vegetables and proof dough.

Electric tilting skillsets and braising have a spacious cooking vessel, featuring a griddle plate and raised sides. These units offer a large cooking surface with common units able to hold 15 gallons of food all at once with larger models boasting a capacity of 30 gallons and 40 gallons. Most models have a "bead blasted" cooking surface to prevent food from sticking, reducing waste and simplifying cleaning. Other features include a spring-assisted cover and pour strainer.

Electric braising pans are especially easy to integrate into most kitchens because they only require an electric connection, making them highly convenient. Smaller units can be placed on a countertop while larger styles are freestanding. Some electric tilting skillets are mounted on a stand with undershelf for added storage.

Electric tilting skillets are called that way because they come with a hand tilt mechanism that allows you to push the vessel forward to transfer the cooked food into smaller containers. The tilt design can be a manual tilt or power tilt depending on the capacity.

Electric tilting skillets and braising pans are built for heavy commercial use, with stainless steel construction that won't easily scratch or dent. A tilting braising pan is typically mounted on heavy-duty legs with adjustable feet so you can adjust it to proper working height.

CKitchen has a great selection of electric tilting skillets and braising pans for trusted brands like Vulcan, Market Forge, Cleveland, and AccuTemp. These products are energy-efficient, powerful, and easy to use, packed with unique features that make your commercial cooking life easier. If you are not sure which unit is best for your operation, we have a team of food service consultants who are always ready to assist you.

We also have a large collection of top-quality kitchen supplies and equipment that you can browse to complete your commercial kitchen setup.

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