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Produce Flake Ice to Create Attractive and Practical Food Displays, or For Use in a Medical Setting, With a Flake Ice Maker or Flake Ice Machine

At Ckitchen.com you will find a wide selection of flake ice makers and flake ice machines to meet whatever kind of ice production needs you may have. If you operate a grocery store, fish market, or produce stand, having plenty of flake ice on hand is an important part of creating attractive displays for your products, all while keeping them at a safe chilled temperature. Flake ice is also often used in medical settings, since the quick-melting ice poses an especially low choking risk for patients. Finding the right flake ice machine or flake ice maker is an important decision, and you’ll be glad to find all of the top names in the industry here at Ckitchen.com, including brands like Manitowoc, Scotsman, and Hoshizaki. These flake ice machines and flake ice makers provide the best water-to-ice ratio for flake ice, which prevents the ice flakes from clinging to the items being cooled. Flake ice has the ability to quickly cool items, and provides an attractive display for produce or fish market items on display. When researching to determine the best flake ice maker to meet your needs, you will want to be sure to have a good sense of your production requirements, as you will find a wide range of output capabilities depending on the machine you choose, from as little as 100 pounds per day, all the way up to over 2000 pounds of ice per day. You will find a wide range of Energy Star flake ice machines and flake ice makers to meet your energy efficiency goals, as well as many flake ice makers and flake ice machines that are made in the USA.
If you need help choosing the right flake ice machine, flaker ice maker or any other commercial ice machine, food service equipment or restaurant equipment, please give us a call for professional assistance from certified food service equipment consultants.

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