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Finding the Perfect Flake Ice Machine: Commercial Equipment

If you’re in the market for a flake ice machine, you probably already know that there are many different sizes and shapes of ice. But why would someone choose flake over, say, cube or nugget? Flake ice is small, soft and quick to melt, which is ideal in several environments. This type of ice is often employed in butchers, delis, buffets and more to cool fresh seafood, meat and vegetables. It’s also preferable in some medical environments because it’s soft and easy to chew. No matter your application, an ice flake machine from CKitchen will meet your needs.

What sets an industrial flake ice machine apart from a home flake ice machine? Usually it comes down to volume. Businesses need to be able to produce large amounts of ice fast and without drawing too much power. High-tech flake ice machines have the capacity to produce as much as 2,000-plus pounds of ice a day, and several hundred pounds per day with smaller units. What’s more, they’re made with high-quality, long-lasting materials and some are ENERGY STARÒ certified to help keep operation costs low.

Types of Flake Ice Makers

Whether you’re looking for a massive, high-volume style or a flake ice maker for home use, you need to consider the type of cooling. Most flake ice machines are air-cooled, which is the most cost-effective kind of flake ice maker because it doesn’t require any additional water costs. You’ll also find many water-cooled flake ice machines here. These units are generally only recommended in hot environments or where there is a high level of contaminants in the air. Finally, we offer remote-cooled styles that have the condenser in a remote location, such as outside. This provides space savings and keeps your environment quiet.

Of course, the team here at CKitchen is always available to assist you with finding the right commercial flake ice machine, no matter your budget or needs!

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  • SKU # F-300BAJ
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  • SKU # F-500BAJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $112.18/mo.

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  • FINANCE FOR: $200.06/mo.

  • SKU # F-801MWJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $106.16/mo.

  • SKU # F0522A-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $252.49/mo.
  • Price: $3,576

  • SKU # F0522W-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $260.79/mo.
  • Price: $3,693

  • SKU # F0822A-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $320.88/mo.
  • Price: $4,544

  • SKU # F0822R-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $317.56/mo.
  • Price: $4,497

  • SKU # F0822W-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $329.18/mo.
  • Price: $4,662

  • SKU # F0822W-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $333.33/mo.
  • Price: $4,720

  • SKU # F1222A-3
  • FINANCE FOR: $412.10/mo.
  • Price: $5,837

  • SKU # F1222A-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $404.63/mo.
  • Price: $5,731

  • SKU # F1222A-6
  • FINANCE FOR: $413.76/mo.
  • Price: $5,860

  • SKU # F1222L-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $337.48/mo.
  • Price: $4,780

  • SKU # F1222R-3
  • FINANCE FOR: $408.78/mo.
  • Price: $5,790

  • SKU # F1222R-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $401.31/mo.
  • Price: $5,684

  • SKU # F1222W-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $412.93/mo.
  • Price: $5,848

  • SKU # F1522A-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $530.37/mo.
  • Price: $7,511

  • SKU # F1522L-1
  • FINANCE FOR: $430.52/mo.
  • Price: $6,097

  • SKU # FME2404AS-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $765.76/mo.
  • Price: $10,846

  • SKU # FME2404RLS-32
  • FINANCE FOR: $643.67/mo.
  • Price: $9,116
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