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Commercial Nugget Ice Machines

Nugget Ice Machines Meet All Your Ice-Making Needs



Air-cooled units are easy to install and use the air around it for cooling and also exhaust warm air into the surrounding space.


Water-cooled units are ideal for operating in hot climates that require dependable ice production. The open-loop system requires a large amount of water whenever it's in operation.


Remote-cooled ice machines require a line set to be routed through the building to the exterior where the condenser and compressor are housed.
Eurodib USA TM250A HC Ice Maker Dispenser, Nugget-Style
Eurodib USA TM250A HC Ice Maker Dispenser, Nugget-Style
  • FINANCE FOR: $109.52/mo.
  • $5,096.22
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Nugget Ice Machines: Profitable, Powerful All-Rounders

Nugget ice is popular in the industry because it elevates the drink experience for customers in various ways. On top of it being chewable, its unique ability to absorb the flavor of the drinks converts nugget ice as more than just a way to chill beverages but also some sort of an after-drink tasty snack for your guests. Their quick cooling performance also makes them ideal for salad bars.

The healthcare industry also relies on nugget ice. This type of ice melts slowly and is softer and easier to chew for patients who have difficulty with ice cubes. CKitchen offers the guaranteed lowest prices on these machines.like all other commercial ice machines,

Nugget ice machines, which are sometimes called sonic ice machines, come in different styles to accommodate all scales and types of operations. Your major consideration will be the production capacity. Nugget ice machines can make as little as 50 pounds of ice every 24 hours all the way to more than 2,000 lbs.

Countertop and undercounter units provide a way for you to maximize available space. Even then, they can produce enough ice that can support and medium to large operations as well. Since they basically have their own storage bins, storage capacity is also something you should think about.

The best nugget ice machines in the business

We are trusted by the top ice machine manufacturers in the world. CKitchen is your best source of Scotsman, ManitowocIce-O-MaticAMPTO, and Hoshizaki cutting-edge nugget ice machines that are teeming with high-tech features like a smart control panel.

Like most commercial ice machines, nugget ice makers come in two popular cooling options: air-cooled and water-cooled.

Air-cooled nugget ice machines are generally considered the most economical and cost-effective. They don’t require extra water to run and often achieve Energy Star certifications. They rely on ambient temperature to be able to freeze water efficiently and produce maximum ice possible. Make sure to consider some extra clearance space to allow for ventilation.

On the other hand, water-cooled nugget ice machines are ideal for environments where the air temperature is regularly higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They may also be a better choice in commercial kitchens and other spaces with poor air circulation and a higher level of air contaminants. Since a water-cooled nugget ice maker doesn't necessarily have to "breathe", no extra space is typically required.

The quality of ice you use to serve drinks or preserve food is vital to the success of your operation. We at CKitchen are devoted to helping you find the perfect option for your space and your needs. If you're on the hunt for commercial ice machines that can produce ice cubes or pellet ice, we also have them here on CKitchen.

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