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Manitowoc Ice Manitowoc K-00338 One Replacement Water Filter Cartridge
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  • Price: $817
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Premium Brand
Everpure EV910541 SO-10
  • $136.38
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910542 SO-20
  • $35.76
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910545 SO-204
  • $316.04
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910811 CGT-10
  • $155.76
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910813 CGT-10S
  • $206.16
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910815 CG5-10
  • $182.16
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910825 CG5-20
  • $149.28
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910827 CG5-20S
  • $191.16
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910832 CGT-20
  • $128.04
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910833 CGT-20S
  • $170.22
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910853 CG53-10
  • $190.20
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910857 CG53-10S
  • $256.08
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910863 CG53-20
  • $183.72
Premium Brand
Everpure EV910867 CG53-20S
  • $226.50
Premium Brand
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Commercial Water Filters and Replacement Filter Cartridges

Something as small as a water or ice filter may seem like a frivolous expense in your large commercial establishment, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! After all, is there really anything worse than your customers being turned off by your establishment at the first taste of their water?

Contaminants, deposits, and minerals can impact the flavor of many of your restaurant’s beverages. Poor-quality water doesn’t just leave a bad impression with your patrons, though; it can also affect the quality of the food you serve! That’s because contaminants, deposits, and minerals can negatively affect any food that is prepared in units that require water, like your steamers, for example. Commercial water and ice filters and filtration systems ensure that these contaminants are filtered out of your incoming water line, leaving only the purest water for commercial kitchen uses.

Make sure that all of your patrons are served clean and pure drinking water, crystal clear ice, and perfectly prepared meals with the help of a commercial filter from CKitchen. You’ll also want to have several replacement filters on hand so that you never go without clean and sanitary water!

At CKitchen, we offer a huge line of replacement filters from Everpure, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, and Scotsman that are suited to the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. Each of these replacement filters is designed to improve water quality so that your patrons can enjoy delicious, clean drinking water each and every time.

Make sure your water, ice, and even your food tastes clean and fresh with the help of a commercial water or ice filter, as well as multiple replacement filters. Shop our selection of commercial replacement filters for the guaranteed lowest prices and fast shipping. Our top priority here at CKitchen is to provide each and every one of our customers with the very best customer service, as well as high performing, efficient, dependable products. If you need help choosing the right water or ice filter, filtration system, or replacement filter for your needs, please give us a call and one of our certified foodservice equipment assistants will be happy to assist you.

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