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Commercial Cutting Boards

Chop Away: Premium Cutting Boards for Your Restaurant

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Beverage Air Piper Star Vulcan Cambro Eagle Vollrath Browne USA Victorinox Advance Tabco Alegacy Foodservice Products Cactus Carlisle D.J.H. INC. FMP G.E.T. Enterprises GDB INTERNATIONAL HAROLD IMPORTS CO. John Boos Libertyware NEXT PRODUCTS (USA) LLC NORPRO POLYMERSHAPES LLC San Jamar Thunder Group Town Winco Admiral Craft Cres Cor
Vollrath 5200011 Cutting Board
$155.67 /Ea
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Vollrath 5200211 Cutting Board
$219.13 /Ea
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Vollrath 5200311 Cutting Board
$312.59 /Ea
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    Whether it’s vegetables, fruits, meat, garnish, or dessert condiments, you can use cutting boards to chop up just about any food item. They’re often made of either plastic or wood, and color-coded cutting boards are the ideal choices to help prevent cross-contamination. It is also wise to use different boards to chop up produce and meat. These tools are available in a large array of sizes and can be customized based on your kitchen’s requirements. Cutting boards are one of the best examples of cost-effective solutions when you’re looking for quick and easy ways to service your high-volume business. Plastic cutting boards are lightweight, handy, and available in a large array of colors & designs. They’re ideal for kitchens looking to use different cutting boards for each task. Wooden cutting boards are resilient, durable, and long-lasting. They’re perfect for users that prefer a more sturdy build and want a more stable surface to cut their vegetables and meats. If you’re tired of cutting boards moving around while you’re slicing through vegetables, we have just the right fix for you. Cutting board mats can be placed under the board to create enough resistance to ensure it remains in place. Made of rubber sheets, and lightweight, they’re the perfect companion for your cutting board. If you’re looking to do more with the space available in your kitchen, equipment-mounted cutting boards are a perfect choice. Though simple in design, they can be attached to commercial kitchen equipment such as worktables, the sides of large shelves, and even cabinets.

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