Blodgett Steam Direct Steam Kettles

Always Serve Up Perfectly Cooked Sauces, Soups, and Broths With Direct Steam Kettles

Direct Steam Kettles: Keep Up With Large Cooking Demands

When things start to get crazy in the kitchen, a direct steam kettle can get you through the stress by providing a powerful solution for cooking large volumes of liquid food items like chocolate, soups, and sauces. These products are generally very easy to scorch, but the steam delivered by a direct steam kettle reduces the risk and provides a more suiting environment to cook and perfect these foods.

Direct steam kettles also give you the benefit of increased speed, as steam can be a much more efficient and faster way to transfer heat compared to gas or electricity. Through this, you are able to make more products for less time! You’ll find excellent direct steam kettles from trusted brands in the industry such as Cleveland, Market Forge, Southbend, Blodgett Steam, Crown, and Groen here on CKitchen.

A direct steam kettle features a large container usually made of durable stainless steel and is "steam-jacketed." This jacket is where steam is introduced before it quickly transfers into the surface of the kettle itself. It may partial or full coverage of the kettle, with the former dedicating the rest to a spout for pouring.

Direct steam kettles need an external boiler from which it can generate the steam. A direct steam kettle may be floor-standing or countertop, resting on two or three-leg bases, a pedestal, and even a cabinet.

You can get a direct steam kettle for a half a gallon worth of operation, but you can support larger demands up to 200 gallons. You will notice that the kettle is actually tilting and has a support arm to make it safe and easy for you to transfer the cooked food and wipe the interior clean.

If you need other steam equipment such as commercial steamers and condensate hoods, you’re at the right place. CKitchen will be happy to help you pick out the right equipment for your kitchen. For smaller items like oven gloves and pads for daily safety and convenience in the kitchen, we have all that too.

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