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The Heated Display Case Is A Must Have In Your Restaurant

The Heated Display Case Is A Must Have In Your Restaurant

You've thought about getting a heated display case, but you aren't sure what you would use it for - there aren't many hot foods you make that need to be displayed and you don't know if the price is worth it. Well think again, because there are a lot of uses for these wonderful pieces of restaurant equipment that you may not have thought of.

The common uses of heated cases is a good place to start when trying to decide if you should get one. Heated display cases can be great for holding items that you want to dish out quickly. Pizza is a good example of a food that needs to be kept hot, but also needs to be distributed in a hurry. Casseroles are another item that could get great use out of one of these, rather than reheating in a microwave, you can utilize the display case to not only show what the customer is getting, but keep it hot enough to serve immediately.

Whole roasted meats are another good use of a heated display case. Some ways of cooking involve roasting a whole portion of meat - whether a whole chicken or turkey, or a side of beef or lamb for gyros, a heated display case is a good way to have those items on hand and the right temperature when serving food.

There are some non-traditional uses for such a display as well. A low-heat display case can be a good method of keeping food warm without continuing to cook it. Using the display to store baked goods is a unique idea that also promises to be a crowd pleaser. While some baked items, like cakes and cupcakes, need to cool down and stay cold because of their frosting, others don't have that problem. Ask around on the street, and a majority of people will say they prefer a warm cookie or brownie to a cold one, yet because of the realities of the industry, most places to eat don't serve them warm. With a heated display case, as long as the temperature remains at a comfortable low heat, you can have a constant supply of warm cookies and brownies that your customers will love.

Pies are another item that while often better at least warm, don't stay that way for very long. With a heated display case, and maybe a small ice cream freezer to go with it, you can serve your customers comforting warm pies a la mode.


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