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Commercial Food Slicers For A Smoother Workflow

Electric food slicers sometimes called deli slicers are time-saving food prep solutions that provide a lot of value to small and large kitchens alike. Commercial food slicers can make quick work of large quantities of ingredients, which would otherwise require a lot of time and labor when done manually.

Easy to integrate into any food production line, our electric slicers are the chef's choice for speeding up food prep. Each unit cuts meat effortlessly with some units able to slice cheese as well. Choose from light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty commercial food slicers depending on how much slicing you will do per day. The higher the horsepower and the bigger the blades, the larger quantity of products the slicer can handle at a time.

You can choose from automatic and manual slicers depending on what your operation demands. Note that some automatic models will allow you to switch to manual slicing. Manual slicers are the more economical of the two but will require more effort to operate. Automatic commercial food slicers, although more expensive, can process high volumes of meats and cheeses at greater speed with uniform results and only minimal labor.

Both types of commercial food slicers are equipped with a tilted food carriage where large pieces of meat or cheeses are locked in place for stable slicing. A knob lets you set the desired slice thickness. Manual slicers will require users to push the handle to produce slices while automatic units will do it on its own at the push of a button. 

Most commercial food slicers are designed for maximum versatility so users can process most ingredients on their menu from a single piece of equipment. Electric meat slicers, for one, do not just process protein despite the name. A lot of these slicers can accommodate most ingredients so when you are buying a meat slicer, you are not just getting a unit that can slice meat, but also cheeses, fruits, and vegetables.

CKitchen has a great selection of premium electric food slicers from some of the most trusted brands in the industry today namely Bizerba, Hobart, Globe, Varimixer, and many more. These commercial food slicers have a heavy-duty construction to handle rigorous and nonstop food slicing. These units give you a lot of control over the operation so you can always get the results you're after with ease. This includes thickness control that lets you adjust how thick or thin the slices of deli meat you want. Safety features are included to prevent accidents during use. They are also designed to be easy to clean so you can save more time.

If you need any assistance in choosing your next electric meat slicer, don't hesitate to give us a call so we can connect you to a friendly and knowledgeable food service consultant who can help you find the best units and the best deals.

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