Manitowoc IDT1900A 48" Full-Dice Ice Maker, Cube-Style - 1500-2000 lbs/24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled, 208-230 Volts

Manitowoc IDT1900A 48" Full-Dice Ice Maker, Cube-Style - 1500-2000 lbs/24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled, 208-230 Volts
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  • 2021 model, meets the newest EPA and DOE codes.
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Indigo NXT™ Series Ice Maker, cube-style, air-cooled, self-contained condenser, 48"W x 24"D x 29-1/2"H, production capacity up to 1965 lb/24 hours at 70°/50° (1470 lb AHRI certified at 90°/70°), easyTouch display with 13 different language options, date/time stamp display, automatic reminder/alert icon, one touch asset information, automatic detection of accessories, continuous operating status, programmable production options (time, weight, day or night), one touch cleaning with displayed instructions, Alpha-San anti-microbial protection, acoustical ice sensing probe, self-diagnostic technology, DuraTech™ exterior, dice size cubes, R410 refrigerant, NSF, cULus, CE

High-volume ice production calls for an intelligent, heavy-duty, and energy-saving air-cooled ice machine like the IDT-1900A from the Indigo NXT series. This 48" wide ice maker by Manitowoc Ice is capable of producing up to 1,900 lbs of full dice ice cubes using 10% less potable water and 14% lower energy than previous commercial ice machines in its category. This cubes ice machine has a DuraTech exterior that won’t easily rust, dent, or scratch to retain its excellent performance and streamlined appearance.

For a simple and tailored ice-making experience, this Indigo Series ice machine features an EasyTouch display that makes a wealth of features available to you at your fingertips—from the ice programming for adjusting daily output, production status, cleaning reminders, and customizable general settings such as date, time, and language.

The foodzone of this Manitowoc Ice unit is accessible from the front and has removable parts to make cleaning as straightforward as it can be. Select refrigeration parts are guarded against microbial impurities by AlphaSan coating. To lengthen the gap between your routine cleanings, this Manitowoc Ice unit is recommended to use with the LuminIce II Growth Inhibitor (sold separately) for active defense against bacteria and yeast.

The Manitowoc IDT-1900A is an ice machine head only unit approved for commercial use by NSF, cULus, and CE.

No-fuss installation

  • The air-cooled system is easy to incorporate in most locations
  • Less expensive to operate and doesn’t add to your water expenses
  • Built-in condenser for a single package that is easy to set up and transport

EasyTouch display

  • Easy-to-understand touch interface for simplified ice-making
  • Sends cleaning alerts and provides clear instructions for efficient cleaning process
  • Clean home screen layout makes for easy viewing of ice production progress and notifications
  • Allows ice programming to allow users to produce specific volume of ice to keep up with changing demands while minimizing product waste
  • Supports multiple languages and customizable preferences for personalized use

No unpleasant surprises

  • 24-hour self-diagnostics takes the stress out of routine maintenance
  • Warns operators of any potential issue detected from preventative scans via notification pop-up on EasyTouch display
  • Provides information on potential problem to improve accuracy of service calls and avoid unnecessary expenses

Cost-efficient and ozone-friendly

  • Acoustical ice-sensing technology adapts to changing water and environmental conditions to produce ice cubes of the same density
  • Machine can be set to turn off at certain hours of the day to help reduce electrical expenses especially during peak electricity demand
  • CFC-free R410 refrigerant leaves ozone layer untouched
  • 48% lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than standard models

Well-built and low-maintenance

  • Robust DuraTech™ build minimizes corrosion
  • Minimizes fingerprints and scratches
  • Front doors directly lead to foodzone for easy cleaning
  • Removable water-trough, distribution tube, curtain, and sensing probes with no tools required
  • AlphaSan® shelters internal refrigeration parts from microorganisms
  • LuminIce® Growth Inhibitor (available separately) creates and recirculates active air over UV light to annihilate bacteria and yeast

Dice ice cube info

  • Dimensions: 7/8" x 7/8" x 7/8" 
  • 48 rhomboid-shaped cubes per pound of ice
  • Quick and economical production
  • Defrosts at a much slower rate for lasting cooling effect
  • High ice-to-water ratio
  • Best for cooling liquors, soda, and other beverages, ice bagging, and bulk coolingManitowoc IDT1900A 48 Full-Dice Ice Maker, Cube-Style - 1500-2000 lbs/24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled, 208-230 Volts

Standard Features:

  • Production: Up to 1,900 lbs. of dice-size ice every 24 hours
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 40-110 ̊F
  • Overall Dimensions: 48"W x 24"D x 29 1/2"H
  • Electrical Connection: 208-230/60/1 standard
  • Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 17.9 1ph/14.2 3ph
  • Maximum Fuse Size: 30 1ph/20 3ph
  • BTUH: 26,100 (average), and 30,500 (peak)
  • Safety Certifications: NSF, cULus, CE
  • Performance Certification: AHRI at 90°/70°

Standard Features:
Designed for operators who know that ice is critical to their business, the Indigo NXT Series ice machine’s preventative diagnostics continually monitor itself for reliable ice production. Improvements in cleanability and programmability make your ice machine easy to own and less expensive to operate. 
  • Intelligent Diagnostics - Provides 24 hour preventative maintenance and diagnostic feedback for trouble free operation. 
  • easyTouch® Display - New icon based touch screen takes the guess work out of owning and operating an ice machine
  • Acoustical Ice Sensing Probe - Unique patented technology allows for reliable operation in challenging water conditions and environments 
  • DuraTech® Exterior - Provides superior corrosion resistant above stainless steel. Innovative clear-coat resists fingerprints and dirt making it easier to keep clean. 
  • Easy to Clean Foodzone - Easy Access front door panel. Removable water-trough, distribution tube, curtain, and sensing probes for fast and efficient cleaning. Select components made with AlphaSan® antimicrobial. 
  • Programmable Ice Production - Now its super easy to program your ice machine to be off at certain times of the day to save money with fluctuating electrical rates. Also programmable by daily ice production volume. 
  • Available LuminIce® II Growth Inhibitor - Controls the growth of bacteria and yeast within the Food zone keeping the machine cleaner longer. A new indicator in the display keeps you abreast of the operational status. 
  • New levels of Performance - Showcasing an average of 14% lower energy consumption, 10% reduction in in potable water usage and a 23% reduction in condenser water usage. This translates into lower cost of ownership over the life of your machine. 
  • Refrigerant: R-410 CFC-free
  • BTU Per Hour: 26,100 (average) and 30,500 (peak) 
Ice Shape
  • Dice 7⁄8" x 7⁄8" x 7⁄8" (2.22 x 2.22 x 2.22 cm)
  • Half Dice 3⁄8" x 1 1⁄8" x 7⁄8" (.95 x 2.86 x 2.22 cm)
  • Regular 1 1⁄8" x 1 1⁄8" x 7⁄8" (2.86 x 2.86 x 2.22 cm)
  • iAuCS® - schedules and performs routine ice machine cleaning automatically.
  • Arctic Pure® Water Filters - reduces sediment and chlorine odors for better tasting ice. 
  • External Scoop holder - protect the ice scoop with the NSF approved versatile scoop holder. 
  • LuminIce® II Growth Inhibitor - reduces yeast and bacteria growth for a cleaner ice machine.
Manitowoc Ice Machine water filters can reduce service calls by 60% and will produce better tasting ice
Optional: ChillTech water chilling system. Increases ice yields
(Self-Contained) Commercial Warranty
Type of CoolingAir-Cooled
24 Hr Production1500-2000 lbs
Type of IceFull-Dice
VendorManitowoc Ice
Voltage208-230 Volts
Width (in)48
Height (in)29.5
Depth (in)24
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The product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislations.



UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval for the US and Canada



This mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today.

Customer Reviews
out of 5
2 reviews
Vicky N (Louisville, Kentucky)
October 17, 2019
We are a college football team and use the ice for our training room - making ice bags for therapy as well as icing down water and drinks for the players. Having large supplies of ice are critical.
Gary W (Brenham, Texas)
July 29, 2019
Good ice machine but we had problems as soon as we got it up and running. It is fixed now.
Questions and Answers
how’s different 1900A and 1900N?
The 1900A is an air cooled unit. The 1900N unit is a split (remote) system for the refrigeration. This means the "N" unit has the condensing as a separate unit from the ice head (the part that drops the ice into the bin). For this size unit (1900 lbs. of ice / day), we,, RARELY sell an air cooled unit. This is because in order to make ice you have to take heat away from liquid water until it forms a solid (aka ice). This heat has to go somewhere. With an air-cooled unit the heat goes into the immediate environment around the ice machine. An unit that produces 1900 lbs. / day would also produce A LOT OF HEAT; so much so the area around the unit would be uncomfortably hot. All this additional heat will affect your air conditioning. The remote "N" system puts the condensing unit away from the ice machine. This means the heat the unit produces is also somewhere else; usually outside the building. Installation wise the Air-Cooled system is close to plug and play. Put the unit on top of the bin, wire the unit to power, plumb it, add the drain line, and you are done. It is a relatively straight forward installation. The remote unit "N" is not as simple. The installer will have to set the condenser in place then maybe drill holes in your walls or ceiling between the condensing unit and ice head. This is to connect the pre-charged line set. The installation is then like the air-cooled system.
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Manitowoc IDT1900A 48" Full-Dice Ice Maker, Cube-Style - 1500-2000 lbs/24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled, 208-230 Volts
IDT1900A 48" Full-Dice Ice Maker, Cube-Style - 1500-2000 lbs/24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled, 208-230 Volts
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